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Fix: Err_Empty_Response No Data Received In Google Chrome

Many times we’re in trouble while working on the internet like internet connection problem, the server is down, ISP is down and so on. These all this decreases the user experience in many ways. But actually, most of the times users are themselves responsible for all the problem. If we talk about the ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error which is displayed in Google Chrome. It’s caused by the poor internet connection, invalid DNS server address or due to any virus attack. Most users don’t know at they’re doing with the PC settings. They change many things related to the computer like DNS server address, wireless settings etc. Then changing them to invalid options and values will interrupt the internet connection. In fact, a virus attack might be the reason behind your ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE No Data Received problem. This error completely shows that your Chrome didn’t receive any data from the IP/URL you’ve entered in the URL address bar.

In Google Chrome, if there’s any problem with the internet connectivity, internet configuration etc. It’ll return you an error code. users can further search for that error code to solve their problem. Here’ Chrome no data received error caused by many possible reasons:

  • Your internet connectivity down.
  • The website you’re accessing is down.
  • Internet configuration, i.e DNS/Proxy Address/VPN you’re using isn’t working.
  • Chrome isn’t working properly.
  • Virus attack has damaged your HOST and registry files.
  • There’s something wrong with the router/modem you’re using.

So, these all are the possible reasons behind ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE problem. We’ve given all the solutions to this problem in the article below. We recommend you to follow our guide as the way it’s arranged. It’ll help you in solving the problem easily.

Solve: No Data Received ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

Tip 1: Before following the solutions given below we recommend you to check if your router’s internet connection is working or not. If your router is offline and isn’t working, you’ll probably get this error in Chrome. It’s because the router isn’t able to receive any data from the server. Your router is offline and you should reset your router. Directly skip to the last method in this article.

Tip 2: Once you’ve checked that your router is working fine, you need to check whether your device(computer) is online or offline. If your entire computer is offline, there’s something wrong with your internet configuration and you need to solve it. There are two ways using which you can check your device’s connectivity status:

  • Open another browser like IE or Firefox and check if you’re able to access the internet or not.
  • Press Win+R and type CMD, then hit enter. Type: ping and hit enter. If your ping request is successful, your device is request success

If your device is online, there’s something wrong with Google Chrome. Read the method to reset Chrome in this article and solve No Data Received ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE in Chrome.

If your device is offline and ping request was unsuccessful, follow our first two methods to fix your problem.

Check DNS Server Address and Proxy Settings

Now, if your entire device is offline but the router is online, there’s something wrong with your Windows device. Whether you’ve used the invalid DNS address which is down or not working or you’re using the proxy address which is down too. So, you need to check both of these things in Windows so that you can again start accessing the internet.

  1. First, Right-Click on the network icon on the taskbar and select Open Network and Sharing data received in google chromein ERR Empty
  2. Now, click on the network to which you’re connected.
  3. Click on Properties button and scroll down. Find IPv4, click on Properties.
  4. Now, if you’ve used any DNS server, we recommend you to click on Obtain DNS Server Address automatically and click OK.
  5. If your setting is already on Automatically, then click on Use Following Address and put following values in the boxes:
  6. Apply the changes and again check if you’re able to connect to the internet or not. Try different website’s URL address and see if your internet works or you’re still getting ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error code.
  7. Follow the same steps with the IPv6 and see if your problem is solved or not.

Users whose problem isn’t solved should now check if there’s proxy address they are using. Sometimes proxy address stops responding and users receive no data using Google Chrome.

  1. Open Control Panel, then search for internet options.
  2. Choose Internet Options and click on Connections Tab.internet options
  3. Click on LAN Settings option, a dialogue box will appear.
  4. If you see any proxy address there, remove it and click on the Automatic no data received
  5. Save the changes and try connecting to the internet.

We hope your problem is solved. most of the times we configure our DNS and proxy settings and forgot to revert them back. If your problem isn’t still solved, below are other methods you should follow.

Disable Firewall/Antivirus

Sometimes, firewall disables our access to the internet. This happens due to many reasons and one of the main cause is security. If antivirus/firewall detects any suspicious activity with your computer machine, it might disable the user from accessing the internet to prevent threats. It’s also possible that due to any bug, firewall/antivirus is stopping OS from accessing the internet. So, you should disable antivirus and try connecting to the internet. Some users might find this step helpful and ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error no longer exists.

Check Windows HOST File And Turn Off VPN If Using

If your computer is infected with the virus, you’ll get many problems with your system like you’re struggling with one right now which is ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE. We’ve seen that some virus attacks change the Windows HOST file and put some domain in it. Those domains are then used for data breaching or displaying inappropriate ads to the user. If you think your system was previously attacked by the virus. Then we hardly recommend you to check your Windows host file.

  1. Go To the drive where your Windows OS is installed.
  2. Navigate to Windows/System 32/Drivers/Hosts/etc and then click on hosts file.
  3. Now, Right-Click and select Open with, choose notepad editor and make sure your host file looks like the image given below:check host file
  4. If it’s not like the image then do change in it and save it to the same location.

Also, users who are using VPN service to encrypt their connection should turn off their VPN. It might possible that VPN service you’re using is down and can’t send data to you or can’t access the website you’re trying to reach. You have only two options now, whether you can change your server location or turn off the VPN and check if you’re still getting ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error in Chrome or not.

Now, users who are still getting the problem should then scan their registry for the errors. The methods given above are used to reset and check if your internet configuration is valid or not. Further, we recommend you to use flush all the DNS cache and should execute the command given below:

  1. First, open CMD and administrator.
2. Then hit all the command given below one by one:
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /all
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew
netsh int ip set dns
netsh winsock reset

Tip: You should also scan your system with AdwCleaner and check if this free virus scanner tool finds something malicious in your system or not. (Link:

We hope your problem is now solved. If the problem is related to your internet configuration or by any 3rd party software, then it should be fixed after following the methods we’ve shown above.

Reset Google Chrome

As we’ve suggested on the top of our article, that check if your device is online or not. If the device is online, it’s obvious that your Chrome is suffering from any problem and you need to reset your chrome or clean the cache etc. This will fix your problem automatically but you’ll lose all your Chrome related data like saved passwords, history, etc.
Tip: First, you should try clearing the cache of Google CHrome before proceeding to reset it.

  1. Open Chrome Menu and select Settings option.
  2. Then, toggle the menu and select Advanced options.
  3. Now, choose Reset option and click on Reset Chrome.
  4. You’ll get popup warning saying that you’ll lose all your important data. Click on the reset button and wait till Chrome reset itself to the defaults.

Reset Your Router

If your router is offline then you need to reset it. You can check whether your router is online or offline by connecting another device with your computer. If another device is also not able to connect to the internet it’s possible that something is wrong with your router/modem. Also, it might possible that your ISP is suffering from any problem but it’s recommended to reset your router and this is the only way to check if your router is the problem or ISP is down.

Every router/modem has reset button on its back on at the bottom. You should press that reset button form about 5-10 seconds to reset your router. You can read a detailed guide to reset the router and learn how to get rid of all problems related to the router by resetting it.

We hope that your problem is now solved. If you’re still getting ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE error in Chrome then comment down below and explain what you’ve tried and what problem you’re still experiencing. We’ll reply you as soon as possible.

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