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How To Factory Reset Windows 8

Windows 8 is one of the popular operating system developed by Microsoft. After Windows 7, Windows 8 was launched by Microsoft with the totally new user interface. A major change in Windows 8 user interface was that there’s no Start Button. Metro apps in Windows 8 gives it a different and new look. When the system is booted you’ll get Metro apps with notification. It becomes easier to access News, Games using metro apps interface. Still, WIndows 8 only owns about 5% of the market share. Most of the Windows users don’t want to upgrade to Windows 8 due to no start button and the changed user interface. If you’re using Windows 8 from a long time you probably know the importance of Windows 8 and its features. Many users want to factory reset Windows 8 because their OS is in problems.

Windows 8 has many major changes in security, stability, and performance. But still, we all knew that any OS can get into problems easily due to virus or misconfiguration. if it’s the case with you in Windows 8, you can either solve the problem or reset WIndows 8 to factory settings.

Microsoft wanted to give users totally a different look and user interface in Windows 8. However, users don’t like Windows 8 very much. Then Microsoft launched Windows 10 with start menu back but settings and other user interface remain the same. The major thing about the new interface is that users don’t even know where is control panel in Windows 10 and how to change other settings in Windows 10 or Windows 8, 8.1. It’s because users were using Windows 7 from a long time and they were addicted to this OS. To access and learn whole things about Windows 8 or above, users need to give some time to the new interface. Also, to know how to factory reset Windows 8, you need to know where is factory reset settings available in Windows 8. In this article, we’ll be showing you the steps to reset your Windows 8.

Factory Reset Windows 8

Factory reset will delete the user files and other settings which were made by you. So, make sure you’ve backup. Once you’ve reset Windows 8, it’ll run like the newly installed copy of Windows 8. If you’ve made some changes in registry keys, make sure you’ve backup of it because all the keys will be reset to default. Also, all your installed programs will be removed. So, create a backup of necessary things and proceed to the steps given below. It’s very easy to factory reset Windows 8.

  1. First, you need to open the PC settings. Move your mouse to right corner of the screen and select Settings>Change PC to factory reset
  2. Now, select Update and Recovery in PC settings. It’ll give you all the settings related to the recovery of your Windows to factory reset windows 8
  3. Select Recovery on the next screen.factory reset windows 8
  4. Once you clicked on Recovery, you’ll get options like Refresh Windows 8 or Re-Install Windows 8. If you want to refresh Windows 8 then select the first option. But to factory reset Windows 8 (Re-Install Windows 8) select the second option.reset windows to defaults
  5. You’ll have two options, you can either remove all the programs and refresh the user files and settings. Or clean the C drive totally and reinstall the Windows 8 again. Select the option as per requirements. We’re selecting Fully Clean The to reinstall windows 8 without installation files
  6. It’ll give your warning. Just click next and your PC will restart. refresh windows 8
  7. It’ll take few minutes or hours to restore your Windows 8. So, wait for some time till the reset is complete.reinstall windows
  8. Once the factory reset is complete, enter your PC name and other information.reinstall windows 8

You’ve successfully reset the Windows 8 completely. This process is same on any build of Windows 8. As we mentioned above that you should create the backup f your important files. If you’ve selected the option to completely clean C drive then all your files including Desktop files will be removed permanently. There’ll be no windows.old folder after the reset is complete. So, better making backup and also make sure that reset is done without powering off your PC. If the power supply is turned off or your PC doesn’t have enough battery, and reset was not successfully performed in one go, it’ll cause serious problems. So, make sure everything goes fine without interruption.

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If you’re still having problems or the rest isn’t completed successfully comment down below. We’ll try to help you to solve your factory rest problems with Windows 8.

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