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Fix: Touchpad Not Working

A touchpad is the primary pointing device on laptops. However, you can connect an external mouse or any pointing device but touchpad will give you more features. Many software¬†and drivers can help you in creating cool gestures on the touchpad. It makes your work even better. You can set any kind of gesture like corner click action etc. Most of the users love to use touchpad while working on the laptop and doing some work or surfing the web. But, while playing games you might want to use an external mouse and you probably want to disable touchpad. If you’re using the laptop for work like writing articles, editing videos, editing pictures etc. then touchpad is the best device to use for pointing and dragging things on the screen. Sometimes users complaints that their touchpad not working. There might be many reasons for this problem.

Touchpad not working means whether your touchpad isn’t configured properly or touchpad is damaged. There are several fixes for this problem and we’ll be showing you all the possible fix for touchpad not working problem. There might be some error in the configuration of touchpad driver/software and touchpad stopped working. Also, your touchpad is broken or damaged. Make sure there’s no physical damage on your touchpad. If there’s physical damage then you need to replace the touchpad. Touchpads need drivers so that they can work properly. If your driver isn’t installed or not working then your touchpad will not work. Make sure you haven’t disabled your touchpad. Below are all the methods and steps that you need to follow in order to fix touchpad not working problem.

Fix: Touchpad Not Working

There are many reasons which are responsible for touchpad not working problem. Below are all fixes that will help you in finding the problem and the solution of that problem.

Fix 1: Check If Touchpad Is Disabled or Not

In many cases, the touchpad is disabled by the user manually and then forgot to enable it back again. Many laptops have function key presets and when users press those function keys combination, the touchpad is disabled. To make sure that your touchpad is not disabled follow the steps given below:

Step 1. First press Fn+Touchpad Toggle key on your laptop’s keyboard. If you don’t know what is touchpad toggle key, look at the image given below:

how to disable touchpad

Touchpad Toggle

Step 2. Also, you need to check your touchpad software is working and configured properly or not. If you’ve installed touchpad software you’ll get touchpad icon on your taskbar.¬†You need to check your touchpad software configuration. Check whether it’s properly configured or not.

Many times users disabled the touchpad from the touchpad software settings

touchpad not working

Property Of Touchpad

and touchpad not working problem occurs. Right Click on your touchpad icon in the taskbar and click on the Property Of Touchpad.
Step 3. Then check all its Settings. Make sure it’s enabled and all its settings are properly configured. You can click Reset To Default to revert all settings.

fix touchpad not working

Configure Settings Or Reset To Default

Fix 2: Make Sure OS Is Working Properly

Sometimes your operating system isn’t working properly. This might happen dues to the virus or other error which encountered with your OS. If your OS is freezing and applications/software
are not working properly the OS might be the reason that touchpad is not working. Below are the steps
you should follow:
Step 1. Make sure your keyboard is working. Press Windows and look whether Start Menu appears or not. Try pressing some other keys to make sure keyboard is working.
Step 2. Restart your OS and then check whether touchpad is working or not. You can boot your OS in safe mode also.
Step 3. Perform a system recovery process. YOu can find system recovery by navigating to Control Panel>Recovery.
Step 4. Check whether external devices are being connected to your OS. Put external keyboard/mouse/Pendrive and check if it’s connected to your OS or not.

Fix 3. Using Device Manager

The device manager shows all the internal/external devices that are connected to the OS. It can be used to check if your touchpad is working or not. If your touchpad is broken or damaged then it’ll not be listed in device manager. There are many things in device manager which can help you in fixing touchpad not working problem in Windows. Follow all the steps given below:
Step 1. First, open control panel by pressing Win+R and then type control panel and hit enter.
Step 2. Select Device Manager and you’ll get the list of all the devices that are connected to your OS.
Step 3. Click on Mice and other pointing devices and check whether your Touchpad is listed there or not. If you see yellow exclamation mark then there’s a problem with your touchpad driver.

how to enable touchpad


If your touchpad isn’t listed then it’s probably broken and damaged.
Step 4. If your touchpad is listed there and the touchpad is not working then Right Click and Uninstall the touchpad driver.
Step 5. Restart your OS and then check if touchpad starts working or not.
Step 6. If your touchpad is still not working, again navigate to Device Manager>Right Click On Touchpad>Update Driver Software and update using online process or if you’ve files then browse them and update touchpad driver offline.

touchpad not working windows

Update Driver

Fix 4. Update/Install Touchpad Software/Driver

Almost every laptop manufacturers are providing touchpad drivers for their laptops. These drivers are very helpful in modifying and creating gestures on your touchpad. If you don’t have touchpad driver installed then you should install it. It might fix your problem of touchpad not working. Follow the steps given below to install touchpad driver:

Step 1. First, download/browse the touchpad driver. YOu can download from your manufacturer’s official website for free if you don’t have.

Step 2. Install the touchpad driver on your OS.

Step 3. Restart your device and then check whether your touchpad is working or not.

These are the possible fix for touchpad not working problem. You should follow these steps carefully and make your touchpad runs again. Alternatively, if all the fixes given above doesn’t work for you, then try using live Kali Linux if you’re sure that your touchpad is not damaged physically. If your touchpad works perfectly in Kali Linux live OS then there’s problem in your primary OS. Try changing your OS or perform a system restore. It should fix your problem. Consider changing your touchpad if none of the methods given above works and your touchpad doesn’t work even after fresh installation of your primary OS. You can alternatively clean your touchpad by opening your laptop carefully.

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