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How To Format USB To FAT32 File System

The FAT32 file system is also known as a universal file system. This file system is compatible with any USB supported device. If your USB is formatted in FAT32 format then it can e used to transfer files on any USB supported device. So, it’s wise to format USB to FAT32 to make it universally supported USB device. You can format USB to FAT32 format using any operating system. We’ll be showing you how to do this using Windows operating system. There are three ways to do this. One is by using Format Menu and another method you can use is CMD. If your USB is corrupted and plugging it into the PC doesn’t do anything then you can use CMD for this purpose. Even disk management tool can be for this purpose.

There are many features of the FAT32 file system. According to Microsoft’s official statement, FAT32 saves data in the more efficient way. It allows users to use their storage space more efficiently. FAT32 is recommended over any other FAT file system.

To convert your USB file format to FAT32, use the methods given below. These methods are tested and we’ve attached screenshots for every method so that you can understand the methods very well.

Format USB To FAT32

Method 1. Using WIndows Format Option

It’s the easiest way to format USB to the FAT32 file system. You can format any USB to any format using this format menu which will appear once you select the format option.

  1. Plug-in your USB to your PC.
  2. Once your USB drive is visible, Right Click>Format.format usb to fat32
  3. Then under File System, select FAT32 (Default) and uncheck the option for the Quick Format.fat32 format usb
  4. Click on Start and a dialogue will appear saying you’ll loose all your data. Click Ok and your Format Process will to format usb to fat32

Wait till the format is complete. It’ll take a lot of time to format your USB because the format isn’t the quick format. It’ll full format your storage space to the FAT32 file system. Hence, it’ll take much time. Remeber that don’t plug out your USB stick out of the USB port because it’ll corrupt your USB and you might be in trouble.

Method 2. Using Disk Management Tool

Disk management tool can be used for managing your disk space. YOu can manage internal and external attached drives easily using this tool. Users can even partition drives using this tool. It’s preloaded with all versions of Windows and there’s no need to download and install this tool.

  1. Right click on My PC or My COmputer icon on the desktop and select Manage.
  2. Now, expand Storage>Disk Management.fat32 file system format
  3. You’ll get a list of all the partitions and external storage devices connected to your computer.
  4. Right-Click on your USB and select Format.usb to fat32
  5. Now set the File System to FAT32 and click Ok.fat 32 usb

The format process will start shortly and wait till the format is complete. It’ll take much time to format your USB to the FAT32 file system. Make sure you’ve selected the right USB stick. If multiple USB sticks are connected to your PC, check your USB assigned letter and carefully select that USB device. Formatting wrong USB will result in losing all your important data.

Method 3. Using CMD (Command Prompt)

The command prompt is used for many works in Windows. Forma creating bootable USB device using CMD to partitioning drives using CMD, CMD is useful in many ways to Windows users. Similarly, it can be used to format your USB to FAT32 file system. If your USB storage device isn’t shown after plugging into PC, or Windows shows the USB as corrupted USB device, you can use CMD to format it. In many cases, this process is useful if the methods given above isn’t working for you.

  1. Press Win+R and type diskpart and hit enter.
  2. Give it the administrator privileges to open the diskpart.
  3. Now, type list disk. Look for your USB and its disk number. It should be 1 in many cases. You can confirm by looking at its storage space.
  4. Type select disk 1 (put your disk number).format pendrive to fat32 using cmd
  5. Then type clean and hit enter.
  6. Now, create partition primary.
  7. Once partitions are created type select partition 1.
  8. Your partition 1 is now selected partition. You need to format it to the FAT32 format by typing format fs=fat32.usb to fat32 cmd
  9. Once the format is complete, type active and then assign respectively. (Optional)


These three methods are the best method to format USB to FAT32 file system. There’s no need to download any software or any tool. YOu can do this without using any software. If you’re having any problem, comment down below and we’ll try to help you.

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