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Top 5 Free 3D Animation Software

3D modeling is the latest way to develop amazing cartoons, intros, moving logos and much more. Creating 3D models aren’t that much easier as it needs hard work and you probably need best free 3D animation software. If you’re new to 3D modeling then you probably need a 3D software which is free. There are many 3D animation software available in the market but probably most of them are for professionals and costly. If you’re learning 3D animation developing techniques then you should use free 3D animation software. These Softwares are not difficult to use and will help in developing 3D animation skills. Many free 3D animation software is available in the market. You just need to choose any of them which meets your requirements.

3D models are also generated by software which can be printed by 3D printers. If you’re thinking to be in 3D modeling industry then you should have good enough skill so that you can create amazing 3D models. 3D (three dimensions) animation means that it’s viewable from all angles. 3D animation software should have good capability and tools which can help you to create 3D models and animations easily. If your free 3D animation software is slow, don’t have tools, rendering is very slow then you’ll be just messing up with the software. This won’t help you in gaining any kind of experience in 3D modeling.

Also, many people want to create 3D intro or logo animation which looks great for their video or company or organization. This can be done using 3D animation software and some creativity. Below are the some of the best 3D animation software you should use to create the 3D model.

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Free 3D Animation Software

1. Blender

This is one of the best free 3D animation software which is open source and completely free to use. Using this software you can really do many things. Blender can be used to create 3D animation logo, intros for YouTube videos or any other videos, create beautiful 3D objects etc. Rendering in Blender is awesome and it supports CPU&GPU rendering. You can view many real-time reports using Blender easily.

free 3d animation software


This free 3D animation software has animation tools which are used to create good animation. Advance features like camera positioning, game maps designing etc all are available in the blender. You should check all the amazing features on the official website of Blender. All features are free and this 3D animation software is totally free.

Official Website: Blender

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2. Autodesk 123D (Tinkercad)

This is the 3D animation software developed by Autodesk. Autodesk is the leading company who develops professional software 3D animation software. but, Autodesk 123D is its tool which can be used to create awesome 3D objects. This is a free tool and you can import 2D and 3D files easily to modify them.

best 3D animation software

Autodesk 123D

The amazing thing about Autodesk 123D is that this it’s lightning fast and creating objects is very easy. You can develop creatures, circuit design application, and has 3D printing app. There are more than 10,000 3D templates that you can download for free and then modify them later for your use. This saves your time as there’s no need to build a 3D design from scratch. With all these features you should use Autodesk 123D which is free 3D animation software.

Official Website: Autodesk 123D

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3. Sketchup

Sketchup is 3D modeling software for everyone. This is simple and one of the most powerful 3D animation software which can be used to make 3D animations easily. This is a lightweight utility which is recommended by many 3D artists to build your amazing 3D models. If we talk about Sketchup it has many tools and features which make your work easier.

best free 3d animation software to use


This is the free utility available for download and its developers are making this powerful tool even more reliable and flexible. If we talk about the design and user interface then it looks like the paint for Windows. Hence if you’re a newbie about 3D animation designing then you should really use this software.

Users can even design 2D drawings and which is amazing as you got 3D and 2D designing features in one software. You should really check out some other features by visiting their official website.

Official Website: Sketchup

4. SolidWorks

This is most popular 3D software for creating 3D designs. It has tons of user-friendly and advanced features for 3D animation designing. Many powerful tools and features make work even better on Solidworks. If you’re having any problem using this software you can check all the video tutorials that are available on the official website of Solidworks.

advance 3d animation software


Solidworks is heaven for designers and animation makers. Real world simulation makes your 3D model’s simulation better and enhanced. Create your polished animations and make a better presentation of your product/service. There are many interesting features about SolidWorks. Check out all the features and enjoy the power of SolidWorks.

Official Website: SolidWorks


5. Daz 3D Studio

This is another amazing 3D animation software which is little advanced. If you’re beginner then you might not be able to use this software properly. This is rich and advanced

3d animation software

Daz 3D

3D animation software. You can create really good looking and sharp 3D animation creatures using this software.

There are few characters available on their website for sale. You can buy them and modify them later using Daz 3D studio. It saves your time as if you’re thinking of creating new creature then there’s no need to do this. Characters available on their website might suit your requirements. This software is freeware but if you need to buy characters, you’ll have to pay them. Check out all the advanced features of Daz 3D studio and enjoy the 3D animation.

Official Website: Daz 3D Studio


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