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How To Hide Amazon Order, Clear Amazon Browsing History

Amazon is used by millions of people worldwide to sell and purchase things online. It’s one of the top most used E-Commerce websites which provides full tracking, listing, invoice, searching for products a user is buying using Amazon. Hence, the buyer will have full control over his account and orders placed. As there is even every product available on Amazon that we can buy. Hence, there are many of them which you probably don’t want to reveal to anyone. Hence, you should always log out of Amazon account when not using it and we can even hide Amazon products. Also, we can even delete our browsing history e.g products we’ve viewed or searched on Amazon. This gives you full control on your privacy and you can even delete selected items viewed from the history or the entire list of products. Users have the option to stop Amazon from storing the viewed products in history. In this article, we’ve shown the process of how to hide Amazon order and deleting the browsing history on Amazon.

Users these days want privacy online and Amazon has provided full privacy and flexibility to the users to control and Amazon from storing the browsing history and deleting the browsed products. This is very important and maybe you’re afraid that someone will see the products you’ve browsed recently and you don’t want them to be visible to anyone. Or you want to hide the order you’ve just placed because it’s the surprise for someone. The reason might be anything but the solution is down below in this article and we’ve explained both the things in detail with pictures.

Steps To Hide Orders On Amazon

  1. Log in to your Amazon account.
  2. Click on your Account Name in the menu section.
  3. On next page, select Your Orders to hide amazon order
  4. All the orders you’ve ordered will be displayed on the page. Scroll down and find the product you want to hide.
  5. Simply click on Hide Order option.

Once you’ve hidden your order, it won’t show in the order list but this doesn’t mean that order is deleted or canceled. To find the product again, you can simply search for it using the search option. Or, again click on Your Account option and select View Hidden orders option and this will show up all the orders which are hidden.

This is the process to hide Amazon order easily. If you’ve planned a surprise gift for someone, you can hide AMazon order so that no one will know about it. If you’re using a shared account then it’s very useful to hide orders and your ordered order will not be visible on the order list.The process is really very quick easy.

If you want to clear the products browsing history from Amazon, below are the steps to do that. You can either delete the selected orders or the entire history.

Delete Amazon Product Browsing History

  1. Open your Amazon account.delete amazon browsing history
  2. Click on your name option on the menu. This will open your account page.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and then select View or edit your browsing history (It might take some time to appear this option, so scroll to the bottom and wait)delete amazon products browsing history
  4. On next page, you’ll get the list of all the products you’ve browsed on Amazon.
  5. To delete any single product from the list, locate it and choose to Remove option.
  6. If you want to remove all the products from the history, choose to Remove All Items Option.
  7. You can even stop Amazon from storing your viewed products history. Turn off the Browsing History option to stop Amazon from storing your browsed products information.hide amazon order

This is the process to clear your Amazon history. Now, there’s no worry about the products you’ve looked using Amazon E-Commerce website. If you’re using the shared Amazon account then you can clear the viewed products using these steps. THere’s no need to worry about the privacy as one click will delete all the browsed products or you can stop Amazon from storing the products you’ve looked.

If you’re facing some problems while following the process on how to hide Amazon order or have some queries regarding the process then leave a comment down below and we’ll reply you as soon as possible.

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