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Why You Need To Pay For Internet To ISP – How Internet Works

Why You Need To Pay For Internet To ISP – How Internet Works

You might think why you need to pay to ISP(Internet Service Providers) and How internet works. Many people know that ISP doesn’t pay anything to Database Hosting Services to provide access to Websites hosted under their service, so why you need to pay for accessing those websites. How websites works, how hosting services works, in short How Internet System Works?

Well, we will explain each and everything in this article.

Working Of Internet: –

The Internet is a series of connected computers. There are large servers around the world, means computers with very large storage capacity and speed. From these servers, we access the information, like accessing the website, surfing the web or similar like that.

How We Reach Those Servers: –

Now you are thinking how we are able to reach those servers? Well, as I said the Internet is the form of linked computers. So here these giant computers or servers are connected with each other worldwide. These servers may locate in any country, so these are connected with each other, redirecting users to find their landing URL page or any information.

How Are Servers Connected With Each Other? :-

Servers are connected to each other via fiber wires. These fiber wires are laid under seas, and a connection is given to each country. Means if a country wants to create their new server or data center they have to connect their data center to that point so that it is visible to the whole world.

Here is a map for fiber wires and every country has its one main point or location fro where all data in transferred between the country and the world. These wires are maintained by mainly government organizations.

How Website Works: –

Web sites have their unique IP address which maintains the uniqueness and easy to reach them. These IP addresses are the backend but in the front end, you know them by their domain names. Like our website’s domain name is YouProgrammer.com and youprogrammer.com has a unique IP address. In fact, you can remind many IP addresses so domain names are created to solve this.

Websites are now hosted with big hosting companies and those hosting companies have large servers with large storage space. These servers are now connected world making websites accessible to anyone. Every website owner has to pay for hosting space and computer power they require for their website. Website owners pay money to their hosting providers. Websites earn money through advertisement.

How ISP Works: –

Every ISP is connected to that point which is given to each country for accessing the internet. ISP are directly or indirectly connected to those points under Govt. surveillances. Now ISP needs to create connections to each state using more fiber wires and more repeaters (Communication Towers) for wireless communication.ISP’s are connected with each other to transfer data.

Why You Need To Pay ISP For the Internet: –

Well, think how much money it takes to create a connection for the whole country by any ISP. How many workers regularly working for maintaining the connection and other problems with the connectivity. So ISP takes money from users to provide connectivity.

Well this is the simplest way to understand how the Internet works.

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