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How To Activate Windows 10 or 8 For Free

Windows OS is widely used by the users worldwide. User these days want to use Windows OS because it provides the simple interface with useful features. If you’re using Windows OS, you know the usability of this operating system. There is almost every type of application available for this OS which is needed to do office, home or school work. The reason behind the success of Windows OS is that it can be installed on ay computer machine with very minimum requirements. Windows XP can be run on a computer device having 512 MB RAM only. Hence, Windows is able to get the huge market share. But, Windows OS isn’t free and users will have to buy a product key to access all the features in Windows. But, users don’t know how to activate Windows. In fact, users these days want to use Windows OS for free.

In short, users want to activate Windows for free. However, due to a huge market share of Windows OS, it’s possible to activate Windows without paying. There are many ways for doing this. Developers from all around the world kept finding the free way to activate the Windows 10 or Windows 8 OS which is most popular these days. If you’re on this page to know “how to activate windows 10 or 8 for free” then we’ll explain you the right way of doing this.

There are several ways you can use to do this. When users buy a new laptop, they get Windows OS and Microsoft office. The cost is included with the laptop but is hidden. If you’ve bought a brand new laptop but due to some problems, re-installed the Windows OS, you can use the key you get along with the laptop to activate Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7. That key is 100% valid and will activate your Windows OS.

Why You Need To Activate Windows?

Activation Windows OS  is important as Activating Windows will unlock many features. If you’re using Windows 8 or above, you might have seen that if Windows 8 isn’t activated then you won’t be able to change the account picture and can’t customize lock screen, start screen etc. Also, if you didn’t activate your Windows Os then performance will be dropped. Many times screen remains black while you are booting into your Windows. As Microsoft also wants to make some money through their products so it’s obvious that you’ll never enjoy Windows for free. You can either enjoy the trial or can buy Windows activation key. After the trial is finished, you’ll get “Activate Windows: GoTo Settings” message displayed on the screen. It means you should activate Windows as soon as possible.

In this article, we’ve shown how to activate Windows 10 or older builds of Windows OS. You can use the same process to activate Windows 8 and 8.1.

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How To Activate Windows For Free:

Some of us don’t want to buy Activation keys from Microsoft in order to activate Windows. As we listed above that these days laptop manufacturers provide Windows activation key along with the laptop/PC. You should use that key to activate Windows OS. This activation key is written on the back of your laptop or you receive a Windows installation disk along with the laptop/PC.

But, if you don’t have that activation key, you can buy it from Microsoft store. Users who don’t want to lose their pockets still have hope. In order to activate Windows for free, you have only one way left. You can try some Activation tools available online to activate Windows for free. Many websites provide such kinds of tools for free so that you can use them. We are introducing here a free activation tool which works well for activation of Windows. Just follow the steps below in order to activate your windows for free.

Method 1: Using Windows Activation Key

If you have Windows activation key, you should follow this method of activating Windows OS. This method works on Windows 10, Windows 8,8.1, and WIndows 7. You need to have administrator privileges for this purpose. We’ll be using command prompt for this purpose.

  1. Search for CMD and Right-Click>Run as to activate windows
  2. Give the administrator privileges and type the command given below:

    slmgr /ipk XXXxxxxXXXXxxxXXX (xx stands for your product key)how to activate windows 10

  3. Hit enter, you should now check if Windows is activated or not. Select My PC Right-Click>Properties and under Windows Activation, you should see that Windows is Activated with the activation key.

You can activate Windows OS using this way if you have the product key. But, users who don’t have product key should use the second method. We hope that you now know “how to activate Windows” using an activation key.

Method 2: Using Windows Activation Tool

Caution: Use this method at your own risk. We’re not responsible for any harm caused by the tool we’ve shown below.

We’ll be using a tool which is widely used to activate Windows for free. This works on any version of Windows operation system. But, once you used this tool to do activation of Windows, you won’t be able to receive Windows updates. Follow the guide given below and know how to activate windows using activation tool.

  1. First, download the tool from here. Make sure you’ve disabled your antivirus program. Most of the antivirus program doesn’t allow this tool
  2. After downloading this tool, run it and follow on-screen guide.
  3. Now, once you’ve installed the tool, your Windows will be automatically activated.
  4. Open your settings and check your product activation key. You should be able to change all the settings as Windows is activated.

Features Of This Windows Activation Tool:

    • Genuine license  this activation is same as the Microsoft license you getting by paying money. You can use any kind of windows updates, online apps and, Microsoft live account or any product releasing by Microsoft.
    • Lifetime activation  this is not a trial activation like for 30 days, this activation is permanent. You don’t need to repeat installation within a time period
    • Fully updated – this activator is frequently updated.
    • Supports 32 Bit / 64 Bit –  This supports both 32 bit & 64-bit versions of Microsoft windows and Microsoft Office.
    • 100% Clean – This tool doesn’t contain any harmful viruses or threats.
    • Totally free – You don’t have to pay even a cent to activate your windows or Microsoft office.

Supported Windows versions Of Windows:

        • Microsoft Windows 10
        • Microsoft Windows 8.1
        • Microsoft Windows 8
        • Microsoft Windows 7
        • Microsoft Windows Vista


We don’t recommend you to use such kinds of activator tools as these tools may be harmful to your computer also we recommend to buy official activation keys from the Microsoft store as activation Windows by using activators is illegal.

Using Above Steps you will be able to Activate Windows 10 8 or Windows 7 For Free.

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