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How To Change Language In Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browser used worldwide for streaming the web. The most amazing thing about Google Chrome is that it’s free, fast and stable for Windows, MAC, and Linux as well. Chrome is owned and developed by Google Inc. This means Goole kept updating their product with the latest technology. Google wants their users to be safer from all the threats live viruses, hacking scripts etc. Chrome’s market share is more than half and it’s about 59% which is very high. This clearly means that users love Google Chrome more than any other browser. Chrome has its extension store which makes users download extensions. This is very amazing that a browser has its own store from where users can download browser apps. Extensions in google chrome are very useful. Most of the extensions are very useful to change the language in Google Chrome.

There are many things you can do with Google Chrome. It’ll improve the browsing experience to highest level. There are many inbuilt tools which are used to change the language in Chrome. If you want to change the page language or the browser’s language there are various steps for this. Also, you can use extensions to change the page language in Chrome. It’s very easy to do this. In fact, there’s extension for Google Translate which can give you the power to translate a page to any language you want.

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If you know about Google Translator, it’s the most powerful tool which supports 100 languages and can translate them to 37 languages. This is amazing as every popular language which is commonly used worldwide is supported by Google Translator. Follow the instructions given below to read the page in the language you want to. It’s also possible to change Chrome’s display language.

Change The Language In Google Chrome

If you want to change the Chrome’s display language then it’s possible without using any extension. Chrome’s default display language is English and it can be changed to any other language. Like if you want to display Chrome in Hindi or any other language it can be done by changing some inbuilt settings. These settings are available in the Chrome and there’s no need to change these settings from any other application, it’s all in Chrome.

  1. Click on three dots on top right corner of the Chrome.change display language in chrome
  2. Then select Settings.
  3. After this, select the options menu and click on Languages to change language in chrome
  4. You’ll get the default language in which Chrome is displaying its contents right now which is English. Click on English tab and select Add Languages.add language to chrome
  5. Search for the language you want to display in Chrome and Add it to Chrome.add a new language to display in chrome
  6. Once you’ve added the language to the Chrome, click on the three dots and select Display Chrome in This chrome in another language
  7. Relaunch the Chrome from the option which will be visible or just reopen the Chrome manually.

Google Chrome will be displayed in the language you’ve selected in the options menu. You can change it to any other language you want after some time. Just follow the same steps given above and you’re done.

These steps are to change the display language. It’ll not affect the pages you’ve loaded in Chrome. You’ll only see the difference in the settings menu and other Chrome’s inbuilt language related things.

If you want to change the web browsing language then we’ve written the process below. Users can read the loaded page in Chrome in any language they want to. Like you have a page which is loaded in the Chinese language, you want to read the page in English, it can be easily done. Just follow the instruction given below.

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Change The Page Language In Chrome To English

In this method, we’ll be showing you that how you can translate any page to the English language. There’s no need to download any extension on CHrome. Chrome has inbuilt tool to translate any page to English.

  1. Open the page you want to translate to English.
  2. Now, Right Click on the text which is available on the page and select Translate to English.
  3. Wait till you see the message saying This Page Has Been Translated To English.
  4. To see the original page language, click on Show Orginal or simply reload the page.translate this page to english

Change Page Language To Any Language You Want

In order to change page’s language to any other language, Google translator extension will help you a lot. This extension can translate 37 languages which are translated with high accuracy. You can read the page in different 37 languages. If you don’t understand the language written on a page or want to understand the written things better, translate them to the language you love. THis is very easy using the steps given below. You just need to download Google’s Google Translator Extension. This can be download from the Chrome’s official Store. The link is given below in the steps. Follow the steps given below:

  1. First, download the extension from the Chrome’s Store. Click here to download.
  2. Once you’ve added the extension to Google Chrome, click on the extension and select translator extension
  3. Now, select your primary language to whatever you want and save the changes.translate page to any language chrome
  4. Open the page you want to translate and click on Google Translator Extension>Translate This translator extension - change language in chrome
  5. This page will be now translated, to change the translated language, click on the language option and select the language you want.translated to
  6. Your page will be now translated to the language you’ve selected. This is the easiest and best way to change the language in Chrome.

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To Know The Meaning Of Words In Chrome

Users can even know the meaning of the single word on Chrome. If you don’t want to translate the whole page and want to know the meaning of just one or two words or a line, it can be possible using Chrome.

  1. Select the text you want to translate to another language.
  2. Right-Click>Translate and you’ll be redirected to Google Translate where you can see the word or phrase in different languages.

We hope you get your answer to all the language related questions in Google Chrome. You can change the language in chrome, can change the page language in Chrome or can translate words or phrases the language you want. With all these things, Chrome makes the user experience amazing and that’s why users loved to use Chrome. If you’re having a problem in changing the language, comment down below and we’ll try to solve your problem.

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