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How To Check Mouse DPI? Check and Change Mouse DPI

A mouse is one of the commonly used input devices in the computer. We use the mouse to select items on the screen and for navigation purpose. In other activities like playing games, artistic purposes etc. the sensitivity of mouse is very important. Mostly when a person relates to multimedia and artistic things, the DPI of the mouse should be good enough so that he can draw things without any problem. As we all know that measurements and details are very important in work relates to art. So, if the mouse didn’t work well and its DPI is very low, it won’t perform well in any way. Similarly, in gaming, the performance of game should be great e.g shooting games need higher mouse sensitivity so that player can survive the game. There are many other reasons that why a mouse should have good DPI. In this article, we’ll be explaining on how to check mouse DPI and how to increase it.

Most of the people don’t even know that what’s the mouse DPI and what’s its work. It’s simply that if a mouse has more DPI e.g Dots Per Inch, it can react more quickly and accurately. In a simple term, when you move the mouse on the mouse pad, cursor also moves on the screen. It’s called the Mouse DPI. If the DPI is too low, and you’re trying to play a game of move your cursor from one point to another on the screen, it’ll probably take much mousepad space. You can now understand that poor DPI results in bad artistic work and gaming in PCs. Most people have changed mouse settings from the control panel and hence getting lower DPI rate. Also, if the mouse is made of the poor quality material, it’s performance will not be well enough. So, we’ve shown the guide to check mouse DPI and process to change mouse DPI from the control panel in Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

Steps To Change Mouse DPI

If you’ve changed the mouse settings from the control panel then you need to change them. Sometimes the mouse cursor settings e.g speed is set to very low and this results in the very poor speed of the cursor. You should change the settings to get better results. Below are the steps using which you can change the cursor settings which might change the performance of your mouse and you’ll get the results you want.

  1. Press Win+R and type control panel, Windows 10 users can read out the guide on where is the control panel in Windows 10.
  2. Then find the Mouse to check mouse dpi
  3. Click on it and Mouse Properties will appear.
  4. Choose the Pointer Options tab and there you’ll find the pointer speed option.
  5. Drag the adjuster towards High and test the pointer speed again.
  6. Apply the settings and check the speed of your cursor.check mouse dpi
  7. If you’re gettings good enough speed, then you’ve fixed your problem.
  8. Alternatively, you can disable the pointer Trails to stop blurring of cursor pointer on the screen.
  9. Apply all the changes.increase mouse dpi

These are the steps which can help you to change the mouse DPI, e.g sensitivity. You mouse will now react fastly as you’ll move your cursor on the mouse pad. But, if you’re not gettings that much good experience and sp[eed you want then below are few more steps you need to follow.

Check If Your MousePad Is Smooth And Plain

Most of the users are using rough mousepad or touchpad which is ragged. These both things aren’t good for the sensitivity of mouse and t doesn’t matter whether your mouse DPI is very high. If the surface isn’t plain or is ragged, you can’t enjoy the DPI of the mouse. Hence you need to take care that touchpad you’re using is smooth, plane and is placed on the surface which is flat.

How To Check Mouse DPI

If steps given above didn’t work for you then you should really check the DPI of your mouse. maybe the DPI of your mouse is really too low and can’t give you the accuracy you want.

  1. Visit the website here:
  2. Enter the values you want to measure and select the Red marked object and drag it to the blue object which is the target.measure mouse dpi
  3. Reading will be shown on the screen.

We now hope that you’re able to check mouse DPI. We’ve tried to show how to check mouse DPI and the process to increase the sensitivity of your mouse. If you still have queries then comment download below and we’ll be in touch with you.

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