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How To Disable Aero Snap Feature In Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with many powerful features for multitasking like split screen and snap assist. These two features allow users to work on multiple Windows at once. In split screen, users can split up to 4 windows in one screen and work on them. Snap feature is similar to split feature but we split a single Window in one portion of the screen. This allows users to make a Windows on the one edge of the screen and can browse other windows on other portion. Snap assist or aero snap feature activate itself when we drag a window to the edge of the screen. But, it has many drawbacks. Sometimes users just want to move the Window to any edge of the screen. If the windows touch the edge snap features activates and makes the windows split on the screen. So, users want to disable snap feature in Windows 10.

If you’re frustrated with snap feature then disable it. It’s very easy to disable the aero snap feature in Windows 10. In many cases, snap feature is amazing as users can use other apps while one of their one of the window is always on the one side of the screen. It makes user interface and multitasking experience great while using Windows 10. Android has adopted this idea and now all android users with nougat version of Android will be able to use split screen feature on their mobile phones.

To disable snap feature in Windows 10, you just need to change some settings. There are no advanced tweaks that you need to follow. Follow the steps given below and disable snap feature if it’s unnecessary to you. You can enable it back again whenever you want.

Disable Snap Feature In Windows 10

While working with multiple apps and programs in Windows 10, it becomes very frustrating if snap feature splits your Windows that you were trying to arrange on screen. This decreases the speed and flow of work. So, it’s wise to turn off this feature if it’s not important to you.

  1. First, open setting in Windows 10. You can search for Settings using the start menu.
  2. Now, click on System option. From System Settings, we can access the multitasking option where snap settings are to disable snap feature
  3. Then select Multitasking and under snap, you can disable all the snap features that are to disable snap assist in windows 10
  4. Disable arrange windows automatically by dragging them to the sides or corners of the screen if you want to turn off accidental splitting of windows while dragging. disable aero snap feature in windows 10
  5. Turn off 2nd option if there’s need to disable auto arranging of two windows while using the splitting feature with two windows.
  6. Select 3rd option if you want to disable snap assist which shows other open windows when you split your first window in windows 10.

So, using the steps given above, you can disable aero snap feature. Also, it’s the same process to disable snap assist feature in Windows 10.

Now, try to drag a window to the edge of the screen and check if the snap feature is working or not. We’re sure it’s not working now because you’ve disabled it. Make sure you’ve disabled all the features that you don’t want to use using Multitasking Settings.

We hope that this article is helpful for you and you’ve disabled snap feature and snap assist in WIndows 10. If you’re having any question then comment down below. We’ll try to help you. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our Newsletter.

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