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How To Disable Touchpad (Acer, HP, Lenovo, Dell etc.)

Touchpads are the primary pointing device in laptops. It comes with your laptop and fixed below the keyboard. It makes your work easier as you got a keyboard and your mouse in form of touchpad on your laptop. Touchpads are used in many ways and becoming very commonly used pointing devices. There’re many things you can do using the touchpad. You can either use it as a scroll bar, pointer, gestures and much more. There are many touchpad drivers which can make your touchpad very useful. If you’re using your touchpad with touchpad drivers installed then touchpad drivers allow you to enable many features and gestures. Users can enable corner touch options, zoom in/out and even more. Laptop manufacturers are trying to make their touchpads more reliable and easy to use. Newer laptops are coming with larger touchpads. But, what if you want to disable touchpad?

There might be many reasons for disabling the touchpads. If you decided to buy an external touchpad then you probably want to disable the inbuilt touchpad. Or you might be using an external mouse and no longer want to use a touchpad. Also, many users get distracted while typing on laptop’s keyboard. Their palms might be touching the touchpad and distracting them. Hence disabling touchpad can help them to write without distraction caused by the touchpad. Many users don’t know how to disable touchpad. There are few settings you need to change in order to disable touchpad. If you’ve installed touchpad driver, you can disable it using the touchpad driver settings. Many laptop manufacturers like Acer, Lenovo, HP Dell etc. are providing function keys for disabling touchpad quickly. Read this whole article to know how to disable touchpad.

How To Disable Touchpad?

There are 3 ways you can use to disable touchpad. These ways are very simple and effective. You don’t need to do hardware changes. Just change some settings and your touchpad will be disabled. Below are the 3 methods you can use:

Method 1. Using Function Keys

It’s the best way to disable the touchpad on your laptop. Almost every laptop manufacturers are providing function keys on their laptop. These function keys provide many features like enabling/disabling WiFi, turn on/off the screen and disable touchpad on/off. You can disable the touchpad on acer, lenovo, HP, Dell easily using these function keys. You just need to know which key can help you in disabling the touchpad. Every laptop has some special function keys and using them with Fn key will trigger some special action. Just find the right key and disable touchpad without doing anything. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Turn on your laptop and make sure everything is working fine.

Step 2. Now, look at your keyboard’s function keys “F1-F12” there should be small colored icons above them.

Step 3. Find the icon similar to shape given below:how to disable touchpad

Step 4. You need to find Fn key on your keyboard. It’s next to right Ctrl key on most of the laptops.

Step 5. Press Fn key and Touchpad Toggle key at same time. Your touchpad will be disabled quickly. When you need your touchpad back, press Fn+Touchpad Toggle key once again and touchpad will again work.

This is the easiest way to disable the touchpad on laptops. There’s no need to do any change in settings. Just use the function keys and you’ve disabled touchpad. But, if it doesn’t work for you or your laptop’s keyboard don’t have Touchpad Toggle function key then below are some other methods which will work for you.

Method 2. Changing Settings Of Touchpad

This method works when you’ve installed touchpad driver on your OS. Most of the laptops come with pre-installed touchpad driver. But, if you don’t have touchpad driver installed this method won’t work for you. Skip to Method 3. and if you have touchpad driver installed to read the steps below. To check whether touchpad is installed or not look at your taskbar. If you’ve icon like given below then it means you’ve touchpad driver installed.

disable touchpad on laptop

Touchpad Driver Working

Touchpad drivers are developed and designed to increase the usability and features of the touchpad. You can change and enhance your touchpad’s settings to increase usability and functions that touchpad can perform. So, there are few settings you can change to disable touchpad on the laptop. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. First, right click on the touchpad icon in the taskbar and select Property Of Touch-Pad.

Step 2. A new window will appear, click on the last tab which is touchpad driver’s configuration tab. You need to click on Options button.

disable touchpad using settings

Click On Options

Step 3. Now, the settings window will appear. Disable all the features that you want to disable in touchpad. Like, if you disabled tapping, it won’t work again till you enabled it back again.

touchpad settings disable touchpad

Disable Tapping

You can disable touchpad using these simple steps. But, make sure you’ve external mouse or pointing device to enable the touchpad back again. Otherwise, you might get in trouble. You can also use keyboard navigation to enable touchpad back again.

If you don’t have touchpad driver installed then use the Method 3. which works on all laptops.

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Method 3. Disable Touchpad Using Device Manager

Device manager is very helpful in disabling the touchpad on your laptop. To disable touchpad using device manager, you need to uninstall the touchpad and you’re done. Touchpad won’t work till next boot. But, use this method at your own risk. After un-installing the touchpad driver, you might need to install touchpad driver to get your touchpad in working condition again. In most of the cases if users un-install touchpad from device manager, on next boot touchpad works again. So, follow the steps given below:

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Step 1. Open your control panel. Press Win+R then type Control Panel and hit enter to open control panel.

Step 2. Then select Device manager. Inside device manager select Mice and Other Pointing Devices.

Step 3. Then right click on your touchpad which should be listed there with a name and select Uninstall.

disable touchpad using device manager

Uninstall Touchpad


Step 4. Complete the Uninstallation process and you’re done. Your touchpad is disabled now and won’t work till next boot.

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These are the best 3 methods to disable touchpad. Use any of these methods to disable your touchpad. If you’re still facing the problem then comment down below. We’ll try to help you in disabling touchpad.

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