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How To Remove WinRar Password Easily

There are a lot of ways to encrypt a file and most popular way is making password protected RAR file. If someone wants to access the RAR file and try to extract the file it requires the password.

You can protect your files easily using this method. In most of the cases, users forgot the password of RAR file. Also, you might have an RAR password protected file you’ve downloaded online. Most of the uploaders encrypt their files with passwords so that only authorized users can access the file and that case bring questions like how to remove winrar password or how to open password protected rar files

In case you forgot the password of RAR file you can remove WinRAR password using some methods. There are many RAR password unlocker software and tools available to remove the password from WinRar files. There are many ways to do this thing. You can use online RAR password remover tool or can do it offline yourself with few tools and some tricks.


Our Case Study About Unlocking Password Protected RAR Files:

Unlocking RAR files might have many ways and methods but let’s talk about how RAR files are encrypted and what you can’t do to unlock this kind of files.

We create two RAR files. They are just text documents with “hello” written in them and one of them is password protected RAR archive and other was not password protected.

We drag and drop those files inside the text document to check whether there’s something useful we’ll find in them.

Most of the blogs claim that there are few codes or something you’ll find inside the RAR file and if you open the RAR files with text document and then change some values it will unlock RAR archive.

But wait! Look the image given below:

unlocking RAR archive

As we mentioned above inside both text documents we have written “hello” inside them and then compress them to RAR archive. One is protected and other is not protected with the password.

Image above clearly shows that 2nd doc.txt has “hello” written but 1st doc.txt shows some values. Means those values are encrypted.

It broke the claim that most of the blogs do that editing RAR archive through notepad will unlock it. So opening RAR files without password isn’t possible by notepad clearly.

Also, changing the format from .rar to .zip or using any tool will not work. Extractor tool will still require the password.

Whole the data inside the RAR is encrypted. Not only it frames the file with password level but encrypts the whole data. There are a lot of things that needed to concern with RAR file encryption which is not related to your problem.

You’re here to unlock the RAR archive without knowing the password.

How To Remove Winrar Password

Remove WinRar Password With These Methods

Well, there is only two success way to unlock or find the RAR archive password. Both of them works on brute force technique.

Also, there’re many free/paid websites who claim that they’ll unlock your RAR file. So, let’s get started in opening a password protected WinRar archive.

Creating Your Own RAR Password Finder:

This is an advance thing. Isn’t it? You can create your own RAR password finder/unlocker. All you need is few codes and a notepad editor. But remember that this works only for RAR archive protected with a numeric password.

Follow The Steps Given Below:

  1. Download and install WinRar. Ignore if already installed.
  2. Open notepad editor and Copy-Paste codes that you can get from this link.
  3. Click on File>Save As and put file name as “rarcrack.bat” and save it.unlock rar files without password
  4. Copy the rarcrack.bat file to the location where your archive is saved. Double click on “rarcrack.bat” file and put File name of RAR archive and its location. Double click on the navigation bar to simply copy-paste the location of the archive.rar file unlocker tool
  5. Hit enter and wait. The result will come out after some time. It depends on how complex the numeric password is.crack rar password


In our case, the password is “1”. If your password is very long it will take a lot of time. It depends on your PC/Laptops performance and speed. Faster your PC runs, less time will be taken to find the password. So, Be patience!


Using Software To Open RAR Files Without Password

In most of the cases, RAR archive is protected with keywords, numeric and special characters. So, to find the password of that archive you need any free/paid RAR password unlocker tool.

There are tons of tools available online. So, you can try any tool/software according to their specifications and features. As all those tools work on brute force technique.

Bruteforce technique is a way to repeat a bunch of passwords from any dictionary or self-generated passwords.

We’re showing you a software (RAR Password Genius) which is paid but you can enjoy its free trial with limited features.

Guide To Use RAR Password Genius:

  1. Download and install RAR password genius from here.
  2. Click on Open and browse your password protected RAR file.
  3. Now you have a lot of options in cracking the password. You can brute force, or launch a dictionary attack. In a dictionary attack, you need a text file or dictionary which have a lot of passwords in it. In brute force, you’ll provide password range. Password genius will create and test all possible passwords within the range.rar file cracker best software
  4. Click on Start and wait till the password is found. It will take very long time and depends on how strong the password is.brute force password protected rar archive


Finally, we hope you’ll get your RAR password and will open your archive. We showed our little study and possible ways to crack a WinRar password.

However, you can use any free tool or any paid tool to crack RAR password. Also, there’re many services online where you can pay them to crack the password of RAR file. But we recommend you to buy a software instead doing that. Maybe you’re spammed or will not get your RAR unlocked.



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