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How to Restore Last Session in Chrome

Whether it is your low RAM PC/laptop which stuck in the process and can’t handle the load while surfing the internet on chrome browser, you need to close google chrome instantly. As all, you know that Chrome consumes a lot of RAM. You can not just open 20 tabs on chrome in which all of them actually having process inside them. It has no relation to your internet speed.

Let we suggest you this, in order to check, how capable your RAM with Chrome, do this. Open youtube, Press and hold Ctrl key and start clicking youtube videos on your wall. What will happen is that, the videos you click will open on a new tab one by one. Now here is the deal, if your chrome browser stuck and show you an error like not responding to below 10 tabs then your RAM is pretty cheap. You can’t work big thing or run multiple scripts on sites with chrome. Such cases you need to remember all your tabs because it can happen that during your work on multiple tabs chrome will stop responding and you will lose your data/info with those tabs. There can also be a case when you accidentally close the browser or tabs. Now two things you can do, increase ram of your PC or find a method to restore last sessions in chrome.

And here is how you can find accidentally those closed tabs in chrome:

Using ShortKeys:

Ctrl+Shift+T: By pressing Ctrl and Shift key simultaneously with T alphabet key, your recently closed tabs will open one by one. The most recent closed tab will open first when you click the short keys and second time the other most recent tab will open and so on.

And if you accidentally closed all tabs then they short key will open all in one click, it’s that easy.

Open Tabs manually:

You can also open your recent closed tabs on chrome by looking to your browser’s history. If you don’t know how to check history om chrome then follow below steps:

  1. Click the three dots on the top right corner of Chrome window.
  2. On the list click history and it will open the history. Or Pres chrome selecting history
  3. It will open the list of recently closed tabs chrome history details

Now if you want to open a specific URL just click on it from the list and if wanted to open all, click all of them one by one.

By Activating Recovery Mode:

If Above method is not working for you then you need to try out this method:

  1. Close Chrome Browser.
  2. Copy the backup of all the four files back to your User Data directory
  3. Open the “Local State” file in a text-editor (you can find it in parent folder of User Data)
  4. Locate the “exited_cleanly” entry
  5. Change it to “false
  6. Save and exit.

Run Chrome, Now it will display you a notification box in the top right corner  “Chrome didn’t shut down correctly“. Under that Click the Restore button, and hopefully, it will restore your session and accidentally closed chrome tabs. This will also work even if you have opened new tabs before clicking the button.

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