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How To Manage(Find, View, Delete) Saved Passwords on Chrome

One of the Chrome’s amazing features is autofill which saves a lot of time of yours by saving the almost all mandatory common fields so you can autofill them anytime. Similar to that you have auto sign-in feature here which stores all of your credentials along with each domain. So, everytime you want to log-in for any specific domain then this feature can help you to log in. The only necessary thing to make this work, is your permission whenever you are logging-in to any domain.

Why you need to Manage saves passwords on chrome

sometimes you may find this feature irritating or maybe not appropriate for a situation when you accidentally hit the save button that gives it permission to log-in but you are using a temporary device, maybe it is your friend’s system or colleague or a public system. Because you have given the permission to save the credentials so they are saved somewhere in Chrome. And now you will be so much worried about it because you don’t want someone to access your account. We are going to tell you how you can resolve this problem by removing the credentials from chrome. There maybe another situation that you have forgotten your account credentials and you want to share it to some of your colleagues and friends then you can do this by viewing them on chrome where it stores the credentials. But before going to know why how to manage these you must know how Chrome password manager works:

How Chrome Password Manager Works:

The saved password on chrome totally depends upon your moves. if you don’t give it permission it will not save your password. Chrome saves and syncs passwords if you want to use them across different devices. You must be logged-in on your google account or if you are on an android device then you must be using google smart lock to make this work. Otherwise, the credentials will be stored on only the current device.

If you don’t want to save your password on chrome then you can select the Never button every time when it appears on the top right corner of your browser.

If you have accidentally clicked the save button even if you don’t have to, then you can follow the below steps to delete you saved credentials.

  • Click the three Vertical dots from the top right corner of your browser.selecting settings in chrome
  • From the list select to settings.
  • Now got Advance settings.
  • Now select Manage Passwords under the Passwords and Forms section.manage password advance setting chrome
  • Now you will see a complete list of usernames and passwords saved password details

If you want to see your credentials for a specific domain/website then you need to search that on the search bar of manage password page.

If you find out the username and password for the desired website then select thethree vertical dots in front of the credentials.

password details chrome


It will give you two options, Details and Delete. If you don’t need the credentials on that device then you can hit the Remove button that will delete the username and password from Chrome permanently.


If you forget the password and you don’t want the do the process of recovering the password again then you can view the password from here. Simply select hit the Details button and you will get the window where you will see the Website, Username, and Password, but the password will not be in the readable form and in order to make it readable you have to select the Eye button in front of password box. It will ask you for your windows password. If you are using someone’s system and but your credentials are stored there then simply hit the Remove button to remove the username and password along with the website.


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