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How To Increase Internal Storage On Android [Phone Memory]

Smartphones are the very important part of the human’s life. When it comes to smartphones people prefer to buy Android smartphones. Android has a great market share and millions of apps available in its store. Google develops and maintains the Android OS which is ruling the smartphones from past few years. Due to millions of apps available on its store you also have a bunch of apps installed on your Android smartphone. Also, users loved to watch movies, click photos, videos using their smartphones. But, if you’re running out of space then this article shows the best way to increase internal storage on Android phone.

Using your Android smartphone to record videos and click photos regularly is a good idea. But, what if you’re running out of internal storage. Most of the users save their apps and games on internal storage but if you need your Android phone to run smoother then you should free your internal storage. It will help you in many ways.

Also, many apps create temporary data, cached data and it ate your internal storage if the app is stored in internal storage. We’ll be guiding you through all the steps which will help you in increasing internal storage without loosing the apps.

Steps To Increase Internal Storage On Android Phone

There are many ways to do this but most easy ways are shown in this article that most of the users don’t know about.

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Method 1. Move Your Apps To External Storage

This method is not very rare as most of the users know this thing. But, many mobile manufacturers don’t allow their users to move apps to external storage. Many old smartphones and newer one also have the lack of this feature. But, as Android Store has millions of apps, you can use many apps which will do this job for you.

To move your apps to SD card for making up some space in internal storage follow the steps given below:

  1. First, download and install Link2SD app from play store. (Make Sure Your Mobile Is Rooted. It Works Best With Rooted Devices). Also, insert SD card if not inserted in your mobile phone.
  2. Then after installing the app, open any application info. For doing this you can open Settings>Apps> (Choose Your App).
  3. You’ll get an option Link To SD Card if you need to move app’s data to SD and Move To SD if you need to transfer whole application to SD. Select the option. Using this feature will move your application to SD card and making up free space in internal storage.
    internal storage on android

    Link Or Move To SD

  4. Now, select the files to be linked if you need to link files and click OK.When you choose Move To SD, all files will be moved. The process will begin and files of that app will be linked to SD card.
    inscrease internal storage by moving apps to sd card

    Linked Files



This method is very good for those who are game lovers and have a bunch of games and other applications installed on their phone. But, move only those apps which are not very useful and you use them for entertainment purpose only. Keep in mind that when you remove SD card, all your games and apps will also be removed. So, move only apps which are less useful for you.


Method 2. Delete Unwanted Apps and Clear Cache

Deleting unwanted apps might help you. Many manufacturers give pre-installed apps with their phones and most of them are not useful to you. Delete those apps quickly to increase internal storage on Android.

In most of the cases, users got about 5-10 pre-installed apps with their phones. Those all apps are not the important part of OS and can be deleted without doing anything techy.

  1. Look for the apps that you think aren’t useful for you.
  2. Long tap on them and drag them to Uninstall pop-up on screen. Click OK and you’re done.
  3. Also, you can open Settings>Apps and Uninstall unwanted apps from there quickly one by one.

Clearing up the cache data is also a good idea. Android kept making cached data for processing and data calculation purpose for apps. In most of the cases, users haven’t deleted their cached data from a long time, resulting in huge loss of Internal storage.

Follow the steps given below to clean us the cached data from android mobile phone:

  1. Open Settings and then open Storage option. If you’re not able to find Storage search for it.
    How To Increase Internal Storage On Android

    Open Storage Setting

  2. Then open the Storage and wait till storage space is calculated.
  3. Look for the Cached option. Used storage space will be written on the option.
  4. If you think it has used very large space, tap on it and click OK. Cached data will be cleared within few moments.
    deleting cached data increase Internal Storage On Android

    Delete Cached Data

Check back your internal storage space. You’ll get some free internal storage space after cleaning the cached data.

Caution: Don’t delete Misc as Misc data is the data which you received through SHAREit or any other file transferring software. Make sure it won’t loose your files.


Method 3. Clear App Data Of Some Apps

Some apps in your smartphone are creating data for their own purpose and those apps might not be very useful for you. But, you don’t want to uninstall them. So, what about the data those applications are generating! You can clear their data regularly to keep your internal storage space free.

Also, keep in mind that clearing the application’s data will result in loss of all the setting and accounts, files, information that are saved in that application. If you’re clearing any game’s application data, then all your progress levels are deleted. So, make sure you know what you’re doing with your apps data. Don’t clear data of those apps which are useful for you.

  1. Open settings in your Android smartphone and select Apps.

    Open Apps Setting

  2. Then find any application whose data you want to clear.
  3. Tap on clear data and all data of that application will be deleted.
    delete app data from internal storage

    Clear App Data

If you don’t want to clear the app data of any app but that app is eating your internal storage then follow our Method 1. This will surely help you.


Method 4. Use Memory Card and Cloud Storage

In this era of technology, storing data becomes much easier.There are many free cloud storage services available which can be used to store the data easily. All you need is a good internet connection.

If you’re not using the Memory card on your phone then you should start using it. You can store all your movies, music, documents inside memory card which make your Internal storage free. Most of the smartphone nowadays are coming in the market without SD card slot. This is a great headache for some of the high-end users. But, those users can use OTG cable and a Pendrive in this case.

Google provides free cloud space for their users which is great. You can store your Pictures, Documents etc over the cloud and get them back anytime anywhere when you need them. This is the best and great thing you can do to save your internal storage.

Also, alternatively you can move your unwanted files and folders to the external storage device or PC/Laptop to free up some internal storage on your Android phone.


Method 5. Delete Unwanted Files and Folders

Our last method is not a method but a guide for all Android users. Make sure you all have cleared up the unwanted files from the file manager. have a look at all the folders like Pictures and other data folder. You might find many files that aren’t useful for you. Just like thumbnail files that most of the Android smartphones are generating to make gallery app runs smoother and loads up your photos immediately. Yes, that’s a great thing but what if it’s eating you a huge amount of internal and external storage? Stop android from making Thumbnails today.

Clear up the unwanted music files, audios, videos, and movies. Unless you delete unnecessary data from your phone, you won’t be able to get your internal storage space back on Android.

We’ve shown you the best way to increase internal storage on Android phone. If you’re having problem comment below to let us know about your problem.

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