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How To Use Linux On Android Phone

Nowadays, International Space Station, Amazon’s server and much more runs on Linux. It’s happening because Linux is open source and anyone can modify it according to their needs. Hence, all software engineers, freelancers, and hackers worldwide are using and modifying this OS. Read the step by step process to run Linux on Android.

Linux has great powers to do something that other OS can’t do. Most of the users also want a portable Linux computer. But, what if you can use Linux on Android. Android is itself an OS which rules mobile handsets. It’s owned and modified by Google. People are in love with Android OS.

But, what if you can install Linux on Android. It is possible nowadays and there is no need of PC to do this. You can install Linux on Android without PC. Then use your portable Linux machine at any place. Execute Linux commands to so some Ethical stuff.

There are many types of Linux Distributions available for Android including Kali Linux. Play Store have some apps which make installation of Kali Linux on Android very easy. We’ll be installing Kali Linux in this tutorial.

System Requirements Installing Linux On Android

Well, there are few things to concern before starting. You should have a good mobile phone which can handle Linux builds otherwise experience will be very bad. Also, you might not be able to Run Linux on mobile if your mobile doesn’t have good specifications. Below are the system requirements:

  1. Your phone should have 2GB of free space.
  2. 1GB minimum RAM
  3. Good internet connection. (Linux ROM will be downloaded)
  4. Your phone should have a good processor.
  5. Your phone should be rooted.

Most important thing to concern is that make your phone doesn’t lag. Otherwise, Linux will not run properly. Clear up some internal memory and un-install few apps to make your phone run smoother.

You can read this article about Make Android Phone Faster to solve your lagging problem.

Steps to Run Linux on Android


First of all download and install Linux Deploy on your android mobile phone. It’s available on Google Play Store. We recommend you to download it from there. Don’t use 3rd party links.

use linux on andorid phone

Download Linux Deploy


Step 2.

The download and install another app where your graphical interface for Linux will be shown. It’s called VNC viewer for Android. It’s available on Play Store.

linux on andorid

VNC Viewer For Android

Step 3.

After successfully downloading and installing these two applications from Android Play Store, open Linux Deploy app. You need to configure some settings here.

download linux for android

Open Linux Deploy

Click on Download button to select Linux Build for Android and to do some other configuration settings.

Step 4.

Scroll down through the menu and click on Distribution. Select the required distribution. There’re a lot of builds available. Each of them has their own capabilities and functions. Also, some builds are smaller in size and few of them are very large.

linux distributions for android

Select Distribution

We’re installing Kali Linux on Android. here. So, we selected Kali Linux.

select linux version

Kali Linux On Android


Step 5.

After selecting required build, scroll down and set Username and Password. You’ll use this later while Launching Linux on Android. Or, just leave them to default. Default values are: – Username: linux and Password: changeme

set username

Set Username

Step 6.

You need to configure the resolution for launching Linux. Know your phone’s specification and set the Width and Height of your screen. Also, if you need to project your android screen to external display while using Linux you can do it here. This is a great option included here.

screen resolution change linux on android

Set Screen Resolution

Step 7.

You’re all done now. Others settings can also be configured but make sure you know about what you’re configuring.

Click back to the main screen and click on options on top right side corner. Select Install, make sure you’ve good internet connection speed. If you’re downloading Kali Linux you need about 1-1.5 GB data quota to download it. It will take time according to your internet speed.

Step 8.

After successfully downloading the files. Again click on options and click on Configure. It will now configure Linux build to run on Android. It will take some time to configure.

Linux Deploy Andorid



Step 9.

After this minimize the Linux Deploy and open VNC Viewer and enter your Username and Password you’ve entered in Step 5.

launch linux on android

Enter Username Password

Now, scroll down to set Color settings. Set the required option or leave it default.

set screen color format Linux mobile

Color Format

Step 10.

It’s all done! Click on connect and Linux will start on your Android phone. You’ve successfully installed Linux On Android Phone.

running linux on android


To make sure Linux is running open the terminal and type few commands like “ifconfig” or “ls”. You should get the response quickly when entering these commands. If your Linux on Android is not running nicely and lagging, make sure your phone’s performance is good enough. You can change few settings in VNC viewer to solve this lagging problem up to few limits.

If you’re new to Linux read all the useful commands for Linux to get started.



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