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How To Make A Line Graph In Excel (Present Data In Scatter or Line Chart)

Graphs are very useful to show the complicated data in a graphical way. There are many types of graphs formats used to display the data like Columns graphs, Pie Graphs, line Graphs etc. All these graph types have their unique design and used in various types of representation. In Excel, we can turn cells data into graphs very easily and while turning them into graphs, users get the option to select the type of graph he wants to use. We’ve previously done an article on making a graph in Excel but in this article, we’ll be discussing on how to make a┬áline graph in Excel. There are low of choices in Excel for the line graph. You’ll get all the designs that are currently used as lines graphs in the market.

Users the graphs in Excel according to their needs like the design, color of the lines in the graph, and the title etc. These all things make the use of lines graph in Excel very flexible. We’ve shown whole the process in this article to make a line graph in Excel with all possible customizations. Using the customizations, you can make your graphs more informative and catchy to eyes.

How To Make A Line Graph In Excel

First, we’ll be making a simple line graph in Excel. It’s the basic steps for making a line graph in Excel and further, we’ll be modifying the graph to make it more informative and changing colors, styles etc. according to the needs. Below are the steps to make a line graph in excel.

  1. Open the existing Excel spreadsheet or create a new one and fill the day.
  2. Now, select the cells you want to turn into the graphs and then press Ctrl+Q.
  3. A new dialogue box will appear and then choose Charts option, now click on More Charts to make a line graph in excel
  4. A dialogue box will appear, now click on All tab and then choose Line option.
  5. Now, choose the type of graph you want.
  6. Once you’ve chosen the graph you want, press OK and a graph will be automatically created.line graph in excel
  7. Press Ctrl+S to save your graph.

This is the simple and quick way to make a graph in Excel. But, there are a lot of customization you can do in order to give a different look at your graph. We’ve shown all other customizations you can do with your graph.

Change The Style and Color Of Graph

There are many types of graph styles in Excel. You can easily select the style you want to use. Different styles will give different look to your graphs and there’s no need to use the same design again and again. Even we can also customize the line graph colors. Select the color you want to give to your lines in few clicks. The change in color of the lines is important because it’s not necessary that you’ll use the default color which is automatically given to the lines once you’ve created the line graph in Excel.

To Change Line Graph Style:

  1. Click on the graph inside the spreadsheet.
  2. Now, you’ll get a brush icon on the right side of the screen, click on it.customize line graph design
  3. A new dialogue box will appear and their style tab there.
  4. Click on it and scroll down to choose the style you want to give to your graph.change the graph design to be shown


  1. Click on the Design tab after clicking on the graph.
  2. Click to expand the available graph designs and choose the design you want to use for your graph.another method to change graph style

To Change Color Of Lines In Graph

  1. Click on the graph and a small brush icon will appear.
  2. Now, select the brush icon and a new dialogue box will appear, choose the Colors tab and then select the color you want to give to your lines in the graph.change line graph lines color

Add Elements Into The Line Graph In Excel

We can add elements to the Excel graphs n order to show the data n more explained way. Elements like data labels, Errors etc. can be added into the graphs in one click.

  1. Click on the graph in Excel.
  2. Choose the + (plus) con and then you’ll get a small dialogue box with all the elements available.
  3. Tick on the element you want to display inside the graph.insert more elements into chart
  4. Press Ctrl+S to save the graph.

Change The Chart Type and Switch Row/Column

If you don’t like the chart design you’ve selected then you can easily switch to another chart design. We can even switch between rows and columns according to which the lines will be displayed.

To Change Chart Type

  1. Select the chart and then click on Design tab.
  2. Under the design tab, choose Change Chart Type and a new dialogue box will appear.change chart type
  3. Choose the type of graph you want to use and click OK.
  4. The chart type will be changed quickly according to your selection.
  5. Save your Excel spreadsheet.

To Switch Rows/Columns

  1. Click on the chart.
  2. Choose the Design tab.
  3. Click on Switch Row/Column option.

We now hope that you’re able to make a line graph in Excel. We’ve tried to show you all the information about lines graph in excel. If you’re still having some problems during the process or have some queries then comment down below and we’ll reply you soon with the answer.

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