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How To Make A Line In Word, Horizontal and Vertical

There are many reasons for inserting a line in Word document. There might be many reasons behind using a line in Word document. maybe you want to divide a page into two or more parts. There are two types of lines you can insert into Word. A vertical line and the horizontal line. The reason behind the popularity of Microsoft Word is that it’s very flexible to use and users can do anything using it inside the documents. It’s not only limited to creating documents but we can actually make graphs inWord, even we can make business cards in Word. There is much more we can do with this amazing software. Similarly, if want to make lines in Word, it can be done very easily. The line insertion into the documents isn’t limited to horizontal or vertical lines. It’s beyond than that and the angle of the line can set as per needs. In this article, we’ve shown how to make a line in Word document page.

We can customize the shape and style of line once inserted into the documents. Some users thought that the insertion of the lines into the word is limited to horizontal or vertical direction but this isn’t true. It can be inserted into any direction and we can do partition of the pages very easily.┬áThere are many things you can do by inserting a line into the page. Division of the page, creating boxes in the page and so on.

If you want to create divisions of the page using lines, then you’ll have to use text boxes. Using the text boxes we can overlay text into the partitions created on the page. Below in this article, we’ve explained every single step.

How To Make A Line In Word Document Page

  1. First, create a new Word document.
  2. Now, click on Insert tab and choose to make a line in word
  3. You’ll get a list of shapes available. Select the line shape. There are two types available, one is the simple line and another is a line ending with the arrow. It’s your choice what to choose.drag and draw the line
  4. Once you’ve selected the line you want to insert then drag and draw it on the word page.make a line in word
  5. Drag it according to your needs. Means horizontally or vertically, or to any angle.
  6. After this, you can select Shape effects from the tab and choose the effect you want to use.set the design of the line
  7. Now, choose Shape Outline to colorize the lies according to your needs.make a line in word
  8. After this press Ctrl+S to save the document.

This way you can make a line in Word page. But, there is still some problem you might face. If you’ve divided the page into many parts then it might not possible to insert text according to your needs. So, you need to follow some more steps in order to insert images and text into the divided parts. We’ve shown down below exact way how you can do this.

  1. Click on the Insert tab.
  2. Now, select Textbox from the toolbar menu.
  3. Drag and draw on the section of the page where you want to insert the text.
  4. Edit the text according to your needs.inseret a line into word page
  5. Click on the Pictures option and then browse the image you want to insert into the document.
  6. Now, resize the picture according to your needs.
  7. Save the document by pressing Ctrl+S.

Using this way you can insert anything into the gaps/blocks you’re designing in the word. There are many other types of lines in the word which aren’t straight but can be worth to insert into the document for some other purpose. People are using lines mostly to divide a page into the two parts. but, if you’re doing this to make cards or business cards, then please stop. You can design business cards in Word. Even if you’re dividing a page into the blocks to make a label, then you should read our article on how to make labels in Word.

We now hope that you’re able to make a line on Word document. You can change the dimensions, length, angle of the line according to your needs. But, if you’re still having any problem then comment down below. THere might be many questions regarding the process or your Word might be in any problem if you’re not able to insert a line into the Word page.

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