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How To Make Your Voice Deeper Using Software

Making your voice deeper is very easy using the software. If you need to record your voice. Send it to anyone by in deeper voice then there are few software that will be useful for you. Making voice deeper in real life isn’t that much easier. You need some medical concern and few medicines and some practice to make this happen. But, what if a software can do this job for you. This article helps you to make your voice deeper.

We have a list of best audio editing software and you can choose any software from there to use it to make your voice deeper. We’ll guide you through this article and we’re using Wave Pad editor in our case. Also, if you need to deliver a speech but your voice has a high pitch and very low deeper then we’ll help you in this case.

Making your voice deeper in real life is not easy but software can do this for you in few clicks. Not only this software can change your voice but can add effect, lower the pitch, remove the noise. All that kind of things can be done using audio editing software.

Make Your Voice Deeper (Wave Pad)

Wave Pad is the simplest software ever to make your voice deeper using the software. Using this software, it is very easy changing voice level and do some audio enhancement work. Below are the steps you should follow:

Step 1. Download and install Wave Pad editor and open it.

Step 2. Browse your audio file. Press Ctrl+O or File>Open New file. Alternatively, you can select the section of audio to make voice deeper. Select Effects tab.

make your voice deeper

Select Effects

Step 3. Now, select voice option.

select voice option

Select Voice

Step 4. Then select Voice Change and you’ll get new windows popup.

Select Voice Change

Select Voice Change

Step 5. Slid the first slide to left position to make your voice deeper as your need and to make your voice less deep slide the slider to right.

wavepad apply changes

Change Voice


Now listen to your voice. You’ll get a very good result and your voice will become deeper. You can try other tools to modify your recorded voice using this software.


Use Android Phone To Make Your Voice Deeper

Most of the users need a handy tool that they can use on their smartphones. Most Android users kept looking for such applications and methods to change the voice of their recorded sound.

If you’re chatting with someone and need to send your voice message then you can record your message, change its voice levels and make it funny, deeper. Then send it to your receiver.

We’ve found a free to use the app on play store which works well in this case. The name of the app is Change My Voice. This is the most flexible voice changer app in play store and top rated.

You can record your voice within this application and edit it in real time. Also, there’s an option to share your enhanced audio file quickly with others.

Step 1. Download and install this app.

Step 2. Now launch the application and start recording your voice. Set the pitch levels in order to record your voice in the deeper level.

Record In Realtime android app for deep voice

Record In Realtime

Step 3. You can add funny voice effects in your recorded audio also.

funny deeper voice effects

Funny Effects

Step 4. Share this with your friends.

These are the best ways using which you can make your voice deeper.

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