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Nvidia Control Panel Won’t Open Or Not Working On Windows 10

Nvidia Graphics card is used by millions of users worldwide.¬†Without the graphics card, we can’t enjoy playing games in high quality. Hence, graphics cards are mainly used by users who’re the hardcore gamer or works in media editing stream. Graphics cards also boost the video quality and users can play 4K videos and 3D videos very easily. Nvidia graphics cars are really very powerful and useful too. In order to change the Nvidia graphics card settings, Nvidia control panel is provided by Nvidia. But, sometimes users won’t be able to open Nvidia control panel. There are many possible reasons behind this problem. Mainly this is raised due to the outdated Nvidia Graphics driver. So, in this article, we’ll be showing you all the fixes for Nvidia control panel won’t open problem. We’ve shown the two fixes to this problem.

If you’re using Nvidia control panel from a long time you know the importance of Nvidia control panel. Just like Windows control panel is used to change all the settings related to the Windows OS, Nvidia control panel is used to change all the settings related to the Nvidia graphics card. 3D settings, Display Settings, Video settings etc. can be changed using NVIDIA Control Panel. Users can open it by Right Clicking on the desktop and there’s NVIDIA Control Panel option in the context menu. Clicking on it will open the NVIDIA control panel.

If your NVIDIA COntrol Panel won’t open this means there’s something wrong with your NVIDIA driver. As we know that drivers in Windows are responsible for providing the link between hardware and software. once, if your driver isn’t updated you’ll face many problems in Windows. In fact, some drivers of NVIDIA isn’t compatible with Windows 10 updates. Hence, it’s wise to update your Nvidia graphics driver as soon as possible. If you’re running WIndows 10 and facing this problem, we’re sure that NVIDIA Control panel won’t open problem is raised due to the outdated/unsupported NVIDIA graphics driver. Nvidia always keeps their drivers up to date. In this article, we’ll be showing you all the fixes to solve Nvidia control panel won’t open error.

Fix: NVIDIA Control Panel Won’t Open In WIndows 10 or Windows 8 or Below

We’ve shown you the three ways to fix this problem. You need the internet connection to solve this problem. Without the internet connection, you won’t be able to solve the problem as to update the driver we need to download some files from the internet. There are two ways to update NVIDIA graphics driver. You can either update it from the Device manager or can use NVIDIA GeForce Experience. GeForce Experience is the official application from the Nvidia used to keep your all Nvidia drivers up to date.

Also, you can download the driver’s update from the NVIDIA’s official website. So, let’s follow the steps given below. We recommend you to follow the steps as they are arranged. Otherwise, you can’t solve the problem easily. We’ve arranged the methods in the sequence that problem can be solved easily.

Restart Your PC:

Before proceeding, make sure you’ve restarted your PC once. Maybe NVIDIA Control panel won’t open problem is just a flack raised due to any problem during the booting. So, a restart might solve your problem.

Update Nvidia Graphics Driver Using Device Manager

Using device manager in Windows users can manage hardware connected to the Windows OS. Each hardware controlled by the driver that users need to install in their system so that hardware connected can perform properly. You should be aware that using device manager, many drivers can be updated automatically. YOu can try updating NVIDIA drivers using device manager easily.

  1. Press Win+R and type control panel, hit enter. or press Win+X and select Control Panel.
  2. Now, select Device Manager and expand the Display Adapters, select NVIDIA driver and Right-Click>Update Driver Software.nvidia control panel won't open windows 10
  3. Click on Search Automatically for updated driver software.
  4. Now, wait till the update is complete. Make sure internet is connected to your computer. It’ll take much time according to the internet connection speed.

If the update wasn’t successful then you should try our next method. Many times using device manager, the update isn’t successful. If it’s the case with you, then we recommend you to use NVIDIA GeForce Experience. It’s really very useful in updating NVIDIA Drivers.

Use NVIDIA GeForce Experience To Update NVIDIA Drivers

  1. Download the GeForce Companion fro this link: https://www.geforce.com/geforce-experience/download
  2. Then install it on your system and open it.
  3. Once GeForce application is launched click on Drivers tab.
  4. Click on Check For Updates.nvidia control panel won't open
  5. You’ll get the option to download the driver update if available.
  6. Click on install and driver will start downloading.

If you get unable to connect to Nvidia error, then this means there’s something wrong with your NVIDIANetworkServices.

Users can manually download and install the Nvidia drivers from the official website of Nvidia. If you don’t want to update the driver using GeForce Experience, then download the drivers manually from the Nvidia official website and install it on your system.

Download and Update Nvidia Driver Manually

  1. Visit their official website to download the driver here: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx
  2. Now, select your product type and all other information related to your NVIDIA Graphics card and computer.
  3. After selecting all the required information, click on search.nvidia control panel won't open
  4. Now, if the updated driver is available to download then download and update your Nvidia driver manually.


You can use the NVIDIA’s scan which will automatically detect all the computer-related information. (JAVA Required)

  1. Visit this link: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Scan.aspx?lang=en-us
  2. Wait till the scan is complete.
  3. Once the scan is complete, you’ll get all the information related to your OS and Graphics Driver.
  4. Download the driver update and install it on your system.

We now hope that you’re able to solve the NVIDIA COntrol Panel won’t open problem. If there’s no update of the driver for your OS and you can’t open the control panel, we recommend you to roll back to the OS where your control panel was working fine. Or you can wait till NVIDIA launches the update for your driver.¬†Also, you should remove the driver installation from your computer and then reinstall the NVIDIA driver. This might fix your problem. Comment down below if you need help. We’ll try to help you in every possible way.

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