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How To Recover Deleted Emails In Yahoo

Yahoo is one of the best online mailing service these days. It delivers most of the features and services to its customers. Yahoo mail was launched on 1997 and still one of the powerful mailing services. There are about 300-400 Million users using Yahoo. Sending and receiving emails on this webmail service is very easy. But, what if all your important emails are deleted from your inbox. Officially Yahoo supports recovering of Yahoo Emails and you can easily recover deleted emails in Yahoo.

You can send Yahoo a Restore Request to restore your deleted Emails if any of your Emails or bunch of emails are deleted accidentally. But, there’s a fact that restoring of Emails aren’t always successful. Also, you need to send restore request within 7 days otherwise your emails will not be recovered.

  • Restorations aren’t always successful according to them.
  • Send restore request within 7 days, otherwise, you’ll lose your deleted emails.
  • You can’t cancel the restore request.

Steps To Recover Deleted Emails In Yahoo

You need to act very quickly in case you’ve lost your Emails. The first thing you need to do is make sure you haven’t empty the trash after deleting your Emails from Inbox. If your trash isn’t empty then recovering of emails on Yahoo becomes very easy.

For users facility, Yahoo doesn’t permanently delete all your Emails when you delete them from Inbox. All your Emails are moved to the trash folder and from there you can recover them anytime.

Step 1. Login to your Yahoo Mail account on Desktop/Laptop.

Step 2. On the left side, you’ll get an option of Trash click on that option.

open trash in yahoo

Open Trash

Step 3. You’ll get all the emails that you’ve deleted from your Inbox. Select Emails you wants to restore and then click on Move and select Inbox. All your Emails are now in your Inbox.

more in inbox yahoo

Move To Inbox

Step 4. Archive your important Emails and download them in case you need them back in future. Select Emails you wants to archive and then click on Archive. Select Archive folder and you’ll get all your Emails there. It decreases chances of deleting Important Emails as you’ll not be messy with Yahoo’s promotional Emails in the Archive folder.


How To Recover Emails That Are Deleted From Yahoo Trash Folder

Sometimes we clean our trash folder without even checking that your important Emails might be there waiting for your intention. Most of the users clean their trash once they delete Emails from their inbox.

In this case, you can send Yahoo a Recover Lost or Deleted Email Request. But, make sure your totally lost Emails from trash folder aren’t older than 7 days. Otherwise, Yahoo will not help you. They’ll send you recovered data from past 7 days only.

Below are the steps you should follow quickly if your lost emails are not older than 7 days:

Step 1. Visit their Yahoo Email recovery page. Here, you can read their faq about recovering. We’ve also mentioned these faqs at starting of this article.

recovery emails yahoo step by step

Recovery Page

Step 2. Make sure you’re logged into your Yahoo account. Click on Send a Restore Request button to continue.

Step 3. You’ll get the bunch of options there. Select the reason for recovery. You can select My Account Was Hacked if your Yahoo account was hacked and all Emails are deleted.

lost email request yahoo

Select Reason

Step 4. Select the second box and select the time range. We recommend you to select the accurate time ranging (The time span when you lost your Emails) or select 7 days if you didn’t remember.

recover emails deleted from past 7 days yahoo

Time Range

Step 5. Now, leave next two boxes to default. Those boxes are auto-filled and contain your Email and Yahoo ID.

Step 6. Enter the security code and click on Submit. Yahoo team will soon contact you regarding your recovery status.

captcha request on deleted mails yahoo

Submit Request


These two methods will work for you in recovering the deleted Emails on Yahoo. Yahoo team will send you an Emails about the confirmation of recovery and about your deleted Emails.


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