Remove 1 GB Limit In JIO Offer 2017



Remove 1 GB Limit In JIO Offer 2017

Jio has launched Happy New offer with 1 GB daily full 4G speed limit. Ater that your data will be capped under 148kbps. Previously reliance Jio has introduced Welcome Offer and in this offer, users can use daily 4 GB full 4G speed data. But in Happy New Year offer they have reduced its limit to 1 GB per day. You can increase this limit very easily.

There are many videos and articles on the internet about removing this data cap in Jio and people are asking for how to remove jio limit for 1gb daily , after 1 GB but those all are just fake. You can’t increase the data limit by changing some ID’s and using the old version of My Jio app. But we will show you that how you can actually increase the data limit in Jio 4g.

How To Increase Data Limit Up to 1 GB: –

After reliance Jio introduced Happy New Offer they reduced its data limit to 1GB but they also provides booster packs using which you can increase daily 4G data usage according to your requirements. These booster packs are available for anyone and anyone can use these booster packs to increase data limit in reliance jio 4g.

About Booster Packs: –

These booster packs are as follow: –

  1. 6GB LTE data For 28 Days – Rs.301
  2. 1GB LTE data for 1 Day – Rs.51

These are the packs listed under booster plans. Using 2nd booster pack, you can increase the daily limit by paying just Rs.51.It’s very cheap and if you need daily more data, use this pack.

How To Use These Booster Plans: –

Step 1:- 

First of all download and install My Jio app from play store if you don’t have My Jio app installed on your phone.

Step 2:-

Now open My Jio app and open your account information. You can do this by clicking the option “Manage Your Account”. This will open all the information related to that SIM.

Step 3:- 

Click on the Recharge options listed at the bottom.

Select Booster plans tab and tap on the plan you needs to buy. Pay for the plan and enjoy LTE cheapest services from Jio.


Can You Increase Jio Daily Data Limits Without Paying?

No, you can’t bypass Jio daily data limits by just changing your Android phone’s ID or something like that. It’s never easy to bypass any ISP provider’s data cap limit. In fact, you can use proxies to increase your download speed but also its now sure that download speed will be increased but you can try that.

Also if you are somehow able to bypass ISP data cap and then captured by ISP for this thing, your SIM card will b terminated instantly.

Using above tips you can easily remove reliance jio 1gb limit for jio 4g sim in official way.

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