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How To Remove Shortcut Virus From any PC Quickly [Recover Data]

Most of the user’s PC is infected with the virus and they don’t even know about it. A most common virus is Shortcut virus which turns USB/Pendrive files to shortcut when you connect it to your PC. This problem is very serious as all your files are gone and you can’t access them. However, users can still access the files if they clicked twice on the shortcuts made by the virus and if you double clicked on the shortcuts, your computer will be infected with the virus if it wasn’t infected. Then every single Pendrive you’ve connected will start loosing files and virus will turn them to shortcuts. This article shows how you can remove shortcut virus from any PC quickly.

This shortcut virus is spread by Pendrives and portable storage devices. We have found that in some viruses which create shortcuts aren’t harming computers but they’re harming data on Pendrives which are connected to PC. If you’ve lost your data and all your data is turned into shortcuts then you can easily recover them. Data inside your data is not actually corrupted or deleted by the virus. It’s still there but hidden from you. You can easily recover them.

How To Remove Shortcut Virus From any PC Quickly?

Well, there’re many ways and types of shortcut viruses that harm your computer in different ways. But, the most common virus turns your files into the shortcut and hiding all the actual data. You can remove the virus using command prompt or by using some antivirus tools. Also, we have found that the script which is the cause of that virus kept running in task manager. We’ll guide you through all the steps which will surely help you in removing shortcut virus.

Terminating the script will result in solving your shortcut virus error. The script will delete itself when you terminate its process. Also, you need to change some registry values and there’s a way to recover data which is turned into the shortcut.

How To Protect Yourself From Shortcut Virus?

Most important thing is that how you can protect yourself from this frustrating harmful virus? To protect yourself, never open the shortcut files inside any Pendrive. If all the files inside any Pendrive are turned into shortcuts, it’s probably the virus. Opening those files will redirect you to the actual data. But, you PC will be infected with the same virus. Whenever you connect any non-infected Pendrive to your PC, all the files inside the Pendrive will be turned into shortcuts.

remove shortcut virus from any pc quickly

Infected Pendrive

If you have antivirus installed on your system then always scan the Pendrive to make sure that all files are safe to open. But, the antivirus will delete all the shortcuts from the Pendrive and you no longer have access to them. So, below is the methods to recover the files once infected with shortcut virus.

How To Recover Files Infected With Shortcut Virus?

As we mentioned above that all those files aren’t deleted or corrupted by the virus. Those are hidden inside the Pendrive with no location and you can’t access them by browsing through the explorer. To get your files back you need to write few commands in your Command Prompt (CMD).Also, if your PC isn’t infected with the virus and your Pendrive is infected with shortcut virus then you can remove the virus from Pendrive as well recover your files without even using any tool but only CMD.

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There’s no need to format PC if you get shortcuts inside it and if files that you get along with the Pendrive are also important then you can get them back easily.

Step 1. Connect infected Pendrive/USB to PC and don’t open it. Launch CMD and administrator. You can do this by searching for CMD then Right Click>Run as Administrator.

Step 2. Browse to the location of the Pendrive. Let say your Pendrive is “D” type “D:” and hit enter.

recover lost data files from shortcut virus

Browse To Pendrive

Step 3. Type “del *.lnk“. This will delete all the shortcuts inside the Pendrive. “*” is used to define the files query and “link” is the file type.

delete virus shortcut from pendrive

Delete Shortcuts

Step 4. Now type “attrib -h -r -s /s /d D/*.*” where D is the location of your Pendrive/USB and hit enter. Now, you’ll get new folder inside Pendrive. Open it and all the files will be there.

how to recover files deleted by shortcut virus pendrive

Recover Files

Step 5. Copy all your recovered data and paste it to the safe location. Then format your Pendrive.


Files recovered and the virus is deleted from the Pendrive. Sometimes PC gets infected with the virus. Below are the steps to delete shortcut virus from PC.

How To Delete Shortcut Virus From PC Quickly

Removing this virus is very easy if you’re familiar with Task Manager and Registry Editor. You need to terminate a running script and change some values in the registry.

Step 1. Right click on Task Bar and select Task Manager.

remove shortcut virus

Open Task Manager

Step 2.  Then goto Startup tab or look at the background processes. Find all the processes with extension as “.vbs” and Right Click>Delete Task

virus shortcut removal process

Find The Script


Step 3. Again click on Details tab and find the programs running with a .vbs extension.End all those tasks. This can result in automatically delete the shortcut virus from your PC.

Step 4. Navigate toC:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startupand delete the programs that you find are not related to your installed software.

Step 5. Delete all data from temporary folders. Press Win+R and type “%temp%”. Read this complete guide to Delete Temporary Data.

Step 6. Press WIn+R and type “Regedit” and hit enter. Navigate to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run” and delete all unknown keys from there.

remove shortcut virus from pc easy

Delete Unknown Keys


Restart your PC and check whether your problem is solved or not. These are the best way to remove shortcut virus from PC.

However, you can use software like Malware Bytes which will work best for you. Comment below to let us know if your problem has still existed.

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