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Setup and Change Homepage On Chrome (Startup Page)

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers. It has the market share of about 59% which is more than half. Clearly, Chrome is able to give users what they want. Browsing on Google Chrome is very smooth and amazing. Extensions and a lot of other things on Google which can be used as extra tools make your work easier. With all these things Google Chrome is able to gain millions of users. In Google Chrome you can setup home page and when you launch Chrome, your that home game will be shown first. Users can easily change homepage on Chrome. If your homepage isn’t setup, you’ll only see a new tab when you launch Chrome. If it’s the case with you then don’t worry, we’ve guided you through all the steps necessary to enable homepage on Chrome. You can even turn on the home button.

Once you’ve turned on homepage button, you’ll get a little icon on navigation area. Clicking on that button will open your homepage. This is the best thing to user experience as you can either set your favorite website or any other blog on the homepage so that you can open that website/blog in one click. This saves your time also because there’s no need to type URL to open that website. Chrome just increases your reach to features and even you can change the language in Chrome.

Below are the steps by step guide to turn on homepage button and add home pages to Google Chrome. But, before proceeding we want you to know that what is the difference between a homepage and startup. When you open your Google Chrome browser, first websites which will load are known as start-up websites. But, a homepage button only redirects you to default home page of Chrome which consists Google Quick search box and most websites visited by you.

Setup and Change Homepage On Chrome

It’s very easy to setup a homepage button on Chrome. You need to change some settings in Google Chrome. below are the steps with pictures.

  1. Click on three dots on your Chrome browser which are located on the top Right side and select Settings.change homepage on chrome
  2. Then click on Options and select to setup homepage on chrome
  3. In Appearance settings, enable Show Home Page Button and then click the second option and put the address to the website you want to trigger through that custom homepage
  4. Once you’ve put the URL to the website you’ll see an homepage button on the top left edge where navigation buttons are available.
  5. Click on that homepage to visit your website instantly.

This is the easy process to change the homepage on Chrome. You can either trigger the homepage button to an address or to a new tab with default interface.

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In Chrome, you can even set the startup homepage. When a user opens Chrome, that website will be launched and it’ll be your startup homepage on Chrome. Below is the process to do this.

Setup and Change Startup Homepage On Chrome

1. Open Settings and click on Option>On Startup.

2. Select Open a Specific or Set Of Pages. You can either open a single URL or number or URL’s on startup.change startup page on chrome

3. Click on Add a New Page and then enter the address of the page you want to open and click Add.setup startup page on chrome

4. To open multiple pages on Startup, click on Add Page again and put another URL.

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Now, on next startup, all the pages you’ve entered will be opened by Chrome. This is amazing as if you have a habit of browsing some website regularly, add them to start up.

We hope you know now how to change homepage on Chrome and how to trigger few websites on startup automatically. If there’s any problem you’re dealing with during the process then comment down below and we’ll try to help you out.


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