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How To Stop Android Mobile From Making Thumbnails

Android phone makes thumbnails of images and saves it in your mobile phone’s internal or external memory. This file might be greater than 1 GB and it’s a huge storage space problems for all android users.

When you look through your gallery and browse some pictures or videos its temporary data is saved in thumbnail file. Android does that to make your pictures and videos to load faster when you open them next time. In short thumbnails, files have temporary data and you can delete them with no loss of actual data.

thumbnail on android internal storage

Sometimes you have noticed that scrolling through your images gallery your images loads very fastly. This happens because the copies of the images will get loaded in viewing port of gallery app. Images are displayed from that viewing port called .thumbnail file. More large images mean larger .thumbnail file size.

If you delete the thumbnail files your gallery speed of displaying and scrolling images will be decreased. But once you opened your gallery .thumbnail files will be created again to make your gallery faster to load images.

How To Stop Making Thumbnails Easily

There is an easy way to get rid of thumbnails on Android mobile. You can simply delete .thumbnail files on your android using any File Explorer. Doing this will not delete your any precious data like pictures or videos. This will only clear your temporary data which is used by Android to load your gallery fastly.

In fact, you can also permanently disable your phone from making .thumbnails file. We will be showing you both the ways below.

How To Delete .thumbnails File Properly

  1. Open any file browser application on your Android phone.
  2. Browse to DCIM>thumbnails.
  3. Select options and select options to make hidden files visible if available.
  4. Select all files and delete them.

It’s the process using which you can delete your thumbnail files easily. In fact, you can delete thumbnail folder completely. This will not affect your file system or files. The folder will be created automatically again.

There’s another way by which you can stop your android phone from making thumbnails of larger size. Below are the steps for that.

How To Stop Android Mobile From Making Thumbnails Permanently

Things you will need to make it happen: – A file browser and a file with small size. But file size should be more than 0kb and you can create a text file or any small-sized image or whatever you want to use.

  1. Open your file browser application in Android mobile.
  2. Browse to DCIM>thumbnails.
  3. Copy the name of the thumbnail file. (eg.: – .thumbdata1–109292)
  4. Delete the actual thumbnail file.
  5. Copy your file there like any text file having size more than 0 kb and rename it by putting the name of actual thumbnail you have deleted. (eg.: – .thumbdata1–109292)
  6. Now restart your mobile phone and your phone will stop making thumbnails.

This method is the easiest method to Stop Android Mobile From Making Thumbnails Permanently. You can easily disable android mobile from creating thumbnails.

Delete your thumbnails again and again or use method this method to disable thumbnail generation automatically. But if you choose the A2nd option then you will not see any other .thumbnails file into your DCIM folder.

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