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7 Best SSH Clients For Windows (PuTTY Alternatives)

SSH is used to gain remote access to any machine. If you need to access any PC remotely using SSH commands then you need SSH installed on the remote computer. There are many SSH clients in the market and many of them are free. If you were using any SSH client before then it’s probably the PUTTY SSH client. THis is one of the popular top SSH clients for Windows. But, there are many other SSH clients which can be used to gain remote access and to do many kinds of work like remote admin access, hacks and much more. PUTTY SSH is currently top most used free SSH client for Windows PC. But, there are many free alternatives to PUTTY SSH.

When you’re making a remote3 connection using SSH client, you’re basically on the internet which means you can be hacked by hackers. hence, you also need SSH client which has good security and your connection is encrypted and secure. We’ve shown you the most highlighted features of some of the top best SSH clients for Windows. There are many SSH clients for Windows but these are the powerful one and most popular. These best SSH clients will make your work easier in many ways.

We have the list of some of the top SSH clients for Windows. These are even more powerful than PUTTY SSH and has more features. But, some of them are paid and some of them are free. Let’s check out the top SSH client for Windows.

Best SSH Clients For Windows

1. Putty SSH

Putty is probably the best SSH client for Windows. It’s open source and free to use. Open source means you can modify it according to your needs. This was developed for Windows OS only but now available for many other OS. You can use PuTTY on Linux and MAC OS.

top ssh clients for windows


PuTTY supports many secure protocols to connect to another PC  and also provides user control over the SSH encryption key and protocol version. With these free features, putty has other useful features that you should try.

Official Website: PuTTY

2.  Absolute Telnet

This is the software for Windows which support Telnet, SSH1, and SSH2. It is used for commercial usage and was launched on 1999. This is one of the top rated SSH clients you can use on your Windows PC. Below are the some of the highlighted features of Absolute Telnet:

top best ssh client for windows

Absolute Telnet

  • It has authentication support like Password, Keys, Smart Card etc.
  • VBScript is supported by Absolute Telnet.
  • IPv6 and IDNA support are available in this SSH client for Windows.
  • Many languages are available in this SSH client.
  • SSh file transfer protocol.

Official Website: Absolute Telnet

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3. OpenSSH

This is also known as OpenBSD Secure Shell. Open SSH is a suit for security level network utility. According to its developers, OpenSSH is one of the most secure connections between two remote computer machines. OpenSSH was developed as part of OpenBSD Operating System. Its portable release was launched on 199. This is probably most secure SSH client for Windows.

secure ssh client for windows

OpenSSH Client

You can use this client for secure connections and send or receive information to remote computers. however, there are few Vulnerabilities that you can fix by changing the default configuration. You can check all the information about OpenSSH on their official website. Features of OpenSSH are given below:

  • Most secure SSH client for Windows.
  • Supports encrypted transfer of information.
  • Stable release means more enhanced performance.
  • Cross-Platform SSH client. Use this on any OS.

Official Website: Open SSH

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4. MobaXterm

This is another amazing top best alternative to Putty for Windows. MobaXterm is great SSH client to create and control remote connection. It supports X11 server and it makes this a powerful SSH client. This is also considered as SSH client for windows 10.

ssh client with port forwarding windows


You’ll get a graphical browser to browse files on the remote computer. Users can also perform multiple executions in this SSH client.  Port forwarding feature is also available in this SSH client.

Official Website: MobaXterm

5. KiTTY SSH Client

This is another amazing top SSH client for Windows. Originally this is only developed for Microsoft Windows. KiTTY has many features which make it awesome to use. It has session filter, Portability, shortcut for predefined commands like features.

There are many other graphical features that you might love to know about. Download and use this SSH client today and enjoy its amazing and powerful feature.

Official Website: KiTTY

6. XShell

Xshell provides an industrial solution for SSH connection. Many powerful features of Xshell will make your work easier. It has many features that you might not get with the free version of SSH clients. Zmodem file upload, drag and drop file upload like features can be used easily using Xshell.

It has many graphical enhancements features like custom layout, full-screen mode, transparency options and much more. Use this powerful SSH client for Windows.

Official Website: Xshell

eSSH Client

Its one of the best SSH client and supports many other protocols like SFTP, FTP, FTPS, SCP, and RExec. This SSH client also supports proxies and port forwarding as well. There are many things you can do with eSSH Client like password, public key authentication etc.

Users can even edit its files to edit the configuration for server and for other things. There are many other amazing things you might want to use using eSSH client.

More Info: Wikipedia

These are the some of the best SSH clients for Windows. Use any of them but make sure you’re not playing with your security. Make sure you’ve not used the default configuration while making the connection to another computer. It makes your remote connection highly unsecured. Also, some of these SSH clients for Windows are paid. Visit their official website to know their pricing and features in details.


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