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How To Disable Touch Screen In Windows 10

When it comes to PC world, Windows is probably the best solutions for all requirements. Windows can provide you all the necessary things so that you can run anything you want. It’s because Windows OS has large market share. Developers first priority is to develop their product for WIndows platform. to gain more customers. Microsoft is also trying to give its customers the best ever experience. Users can run Windows on any PC/Laptop with minimum hardware requirements. Windows 10 is the latest product which can provide touch interface to your laptop if it has a touch screen. Microsoft Windows 8 was the first touch screen enabled OS because it has metro apps and it was modified for touch screen laptops and tablets. The Windows 10 also has touch screen capability with the more improved interface. But, due to few reasons, you might want to disable touchscreen in Windows 10 or 8, 8.1.

To turn off touch screen on Windows 10 you just need to disable a driver. Once the driver is disabled, you’ll no longer have touch screen capability left. It’s because this driver controls every touch you’ve done on the screen. Users don’t always want to use touch screen interface. It’s because while doing any office work or playing PC games, the touch screen isn’t helpful anymore. Users love to use keyboard and mouse while doing office work or playing games. It’s very easy and quick process to disable touch screen in WIndows 10 or another version of Windows. It can be done through Device Manager. Follow the steps give below to turn off touch screen on Windows 10.

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Disable Touch Screen In Windows 10

To disable touchscreen in Windows you’ll have to open Device Manager. In device manager, HID-compliant touch screen should be disabled to turn off the touch screen. This driver can be found under HID (Human Interface Device). Below are the steps you should follow:

  1. Press Win+X to open WInX menu and select device manager. WinX menu is the quickest way to open device manager or control to disable touchscreen in Windows 10
  2. Now, device manager will appear. Find Human Interface Device and click on it to get dropdown lists of drivers under HID. These drivers control the user’s input and other interface related things in Windows.
  3. You’ll get a driver which is HID-compliant touch screen. Right Click>Disable to disable it.turn off touchscreen on windows 10
  4. You’ll get a warning for disabling this driver that Disabling this device will cause it to stop functioning. Click on Yes and your touch screen will no longer work.disable touchscreen windows

Now, you’ll get an icon over the driver which points downwards. This means that the driver is disabled and will no longer function till you enable it back again. To enable it back, just follow the same p[rocess given above but select Enable and your touchscreen will again start working. It’s the easiest and quickest way to disable or enable touchscreen in Windows 10, 8.1 and Windows 8.

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If you’re still having the problem in disabling the touchscreen in Windows, comment down below and we’ll try to solve your problem. Also, check our other posts and tweaks to make your Windows experience awesome.

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