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What Graphics Do I Have? Learn How To Check Graphics Card

Many users don’t know the answer for “what graphics card do I have?“. It’s because most of the laptops and computers are bought without checking the specifications. Also, ensure that computer/PC you’re buying have the exact same graphics card which is listed on the specifications list is important. If you’ve bought and installed a new graphics card in your system. You can easily check that the graphics card you’ve installed is exact you’ve bought.  It’s because sometimes labels on the graphics card didn’t match the actual version of the graphics card. Anyone can sell you a graphics card with cheap specifications by applying the label of the pricy graphics card. It happens most of the times when buying things from the online store or untrusted markets. Also, users who’ve forgotten what G-card they’ve installed a long time ago also want to know what G-Card they’ve installed.

Due to the high demand of the graphics card in the market, duplicity and selling low specification G-Cards on high price using wrong labels/stickers are becoming common these days. Even while buying an assembled computer, users should check all the specifications of the computer manually like HDD, RAM, Processor, Graphics card etc. You can easily check computer specifications like Processor, HDD by Righ Clicking on my Computer and then choosing Properties option. HDD can be checked by using file manager. But, Graphics card related information isn’t listed under computer properties.

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So, in this article, we’ll show you the process to know: “what graphics card do I have”. We’ve shown how to check graphics card. It’s very easy process and you don’t need to download any external tool for this purpose. In fact, there are many tools available in the market which can give you all system related information. But, there’s no need to use them as it can be done using Window’s inbuilt tools. We’ve shown you the process to check graphics card in Windows 10, or below and in MAC.

How To Check What Graphics Card Do I Have?

To know system value, specifications or want to download graphics card update. You need to know which graphics card you’re using. In Windows OS, you can easily check G-Card related information using Device manager or using Direct X diagnostic tool. If you’re the hard-core gamer, you probably know the importance of Direct X. When you install Direct-X in your system, a diagnostic tool is also installed which can be used to check the system specifications/information easily.

MAC OS users can use System Report details to know what graphics card do they have. Follow this whole article and learn how to check graphics card.

Check Graphics Card in Windows 10 or Below

Using Device manager:

In device manager, all the devices which are connected to your system are listed. if there’s something wrong with those devices, Device Manager is really very useful to solve the problem. Hence, your Graphics card will also be listed there.

  1. Open control panel, Press Win+X and select Control panel o press Win+R and type control panel and hit enter.
  2. In the control panel, select device manager. Wait till device manager is opened.
  3. Expand the display adapters and you’ll get your graphics card listed there. Only the model number and name of the graphics card will e shown in device manager.what graphics card do i have

To know more information related to your graphics driver, you can use Direct X diagnostic tool. But, users who’ve installed direct X in their system can use this tool. If you haven’t installed Direct X, then it’s your choice to install it or not. People who play games on their computers should have this installed. It’ll improve the graphics quality and boost the game experience in many ways.

  1. Using Direct X Diagnostic Tool
  2. Click on start button and type: dxdiag, choose the first option.how to check graphics card model
  3. The tool will open with system related information.
  4. Click on display tab, and you’ll get all the graphics card related information.what graphics card using in mac
  5. Name, Manufacturer, Chip Type like information will be visible to you.

We hope you get the required information related to your graphics card using DX Diagnostic tool. This tool provides all the major information which is useful to know the answer of “what graphics card do I have”. You can search on internet for more information related to the G-Card you’re using.

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MAC users should follow our guide to check their graphics card. Learn how to check graphics card using System Reports. Using system reports, MAC users can check all the hardware and software related information.

Find What Graphics Card You’re Using In MAC

  1. Click on Apple logo and select About This MAC option.
  2. Now, in overview tab select System Report option.
  3. Then click and expand Hardware section there. Select Graphics/Displays option.
  4. All the graphics card related information will be displayed on the right side of the screen.mac graphics card check details
  5. Chipset Model, VRAM related information and all other major information can be checked using this method.

We hope you’ve checked the graphics card details using the methods we’ve shown above. But, if you’re having the problem or can’t check “what graphics card do I have”. Then comment down below and we’ll try to help you out.

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