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Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged Windows 10, 8.1, 8 Solved

Windows Store in Windows 10, 8.1, 8 is the best place to download store apps and games. If you’re using Windows Apps store, you might understand how important it’s for Windows users. But, getting an error while opening or troubleshooting Windows store is very frustrating. You can’t use Windows Store due to the problem like Windows Store cache may be damaged. This error encounters because your cache which is required by Windows Store is damaged or Windows can find a folder for the cache. If you’re running the troubleshooter to fix your problem, you might not be able to fix this using troubleshooter. In this article, we’ll be showing you all the best fixes to solve this Windows Store problem.

Many times users thought that troubleshooter will fix their problem for Windows Store. But, troubleshooter is helpful in showing the reason behind any problem in Windows. Sometimes it fixes the problem on its own, but if it’s not able to fix the problem, it’ll leave you with the reason behind the problem. If your troubleshooter shows the error like the image given below then it’s time to follow all the fixes shown store cache may be damaged

As the images show above that Windows Store cache might be damaged and troubleshooter can’t fix it. So, you’ve to fix this manually by doing some steps. We’ve shown you all the possibilities and working ways to fix this problem. This problem appears due to any malfunctioned Windows Store apps or installing any program which is infected or not compatible with the OS. Read all the fixes given below and follow them carefully to solve your problem.

Fix Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged Windows 10

There are about 5 fixes to this problem. We’ll be showing you the working 5 methods which might fix your problem. These fixes are tested by us and works well. But, make sure you’ve t\followed every step carefully. Hope methods we’ve shown will fix your problem of Windows Store cache may be damaged.

Fix 1. Resetting Your Windows Store

If you restore your Windows Store, it might fix your problem. Windows Store reset works like you’ve cleared the data of any app. If we reset the Windows Store, all its data will be cleared and we can open the Windows Store back.

Once Windows Store is reset, the user has to login back to the Windows Store to use it again. All the cached data and settings will be removed and set to default. Below are the steps to restore your Windows Store.

Step 1. Open your Partition where Windows is installed (default is C:) and navigate to Windows>System 32 and find WSReset.exe. (You can search on by putting its name in search box)

Step 2. Then Right Click>Run As Administrator. (You should have administrator account access) Now, your store will open and it’ll start resetting itself. Wait till the store is closed on its own.fix windows store cache may be damaged store not working

Step 3. When the store is closed, restart your PC. Then open Windows Store and check if it opens or you’re still suffering from the problem of Windows Store cache may be damaged.

We hope that this fix is helpful in solving your problem. But, if your problem isn’t fixed, try the next fix given below. Hope it’ll be the working fix for your Windows Store problem.

Fix 2. Creating New Windows Store Cache Folder

Your Windows Store cache folder might be full of errors and Windows Store might not be able to read it. If it’s the case, creating a new cache folder for Windows Store is the wise fix for the problem. It’s very easy to create the new cache folder. We’ll be creating new cache folder and we’ll now delete the older cache files. Because if this fix won’t work, you might lose your cache files. So, follow the steps given below.

Step 1. Open your drive where Windows is installed and navigate to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.WindowsStore_XXX\LocalState.

Step 2. Now, you’ll find a folder named cache. Rename this folder to store cache may be damaged windows 10

Step 3. Create a new folder with name cache and close the file explorer. Then open your Windows Store and check whether it’s working or 10 store not working

This fix will surely work if your cache files were damaged. When you’ll open your Windows Store, it’ll save all the cached files in the newly created folder and no error will encounter.

Below are another fixes you should try if none of the fixes give below worked for you.

Fix 3. Deleting Registry Keys In Registry Editor

Windows is operated by registry keys. If there’s the problem with your Windows Store keys which are stored in Registry, you’ll definitely get errors. There are possibilities that deleting those keys might solve Windows Store cache may be damaged problem.

Step 1. Open your CMD by pressing Win+R and then type CMD and hit enter.

Step 2. Type wmic useraccount get name,sid then press enter. You’ll get the list of all the user account.fix windows store not opening cache damaged

Step 3. Find your user account which you’re using. In my case, my user account is Sachin Bharmoria so I’ll remember the SID which will be used in next steps. (Keep CMD Open Because we need SID in next steps)

Step 4. Now, press Win+R and type regedit and hit enter. Give regedit administrator privileges and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>Microsoft>CurrentVersion>Appx>AppxAllUserStore.

Step 5. Look at your SID number, match it with the SID numbers shown there. Right Click>Delete and close the registry editor.fixed windows store cache damaged

Step 6. Restart your PC and check if the problem is solved.

Make sure you’ve deleted the proper registry value according to the username you’re using. Once registry keys are deleted, restart your PC as edited/deleted registry keys will only work once Windows restarts.

Fix 4. Re-Register Windows Store Using Powershell

As we all know that Windows Store app can’t be un-installed and reinstalled back. But, there’s a way to Re-Register the Windows Store. This thing is similar to reinstalling a program but we need Power Shell with administrator privileges here. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Search for Power Shell and Right Click>Run As Administrator.

Step 2. Then copy-paste the command given below:

Get-AppXPackage | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}

Step 3. Wait once all the process is complete and then reboot your PC.

This should fix your problem if all the methods given above isn’t working for you. We hope that any of the fix given above worked for you. If still stucked in Windows Store cache may be damaged in Windows 10 or below then restore your PC to a restore point by going to Control Panel>Recovery>System Restore. There’s another fix given below which is using troubleshooter. If you haven’t used troubleshooter then give a try to troubleshooter. Even if you’ve used it, try it back again. Maybe it can help you in fixing your problem.

Fix 5. Using Troubleshooter To Fix Windows Store Cache May Be Damaged

Step 1. Open control panel and find Troubleshooting.

Step 2. Open it and click on View All. Find Windows Store Apps and double click to open it.troubleshoot windows store cache may be damaged

Step 3. Click Next and wait till the Windows Troubleshooter find the problem in Windows Store.

Now, look for the result which will be given at the end. Hope Troubleshooter has fixed your problem.

We’ve shown your five fixes for the problem. Any of them will surely work for you and Windows Store problem will be solved. But, maybe your problem isn’t solved. You can comment down below to let us know. We’ll try to solve your problem.

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