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Schedule Tasks In Windows Using Windows Task Scheduler [Windows 10, 8, 7]

Windows task scheduler allows you to schedule the tasks. If you’re living a busy day life then you can use Windows task scheduler which will then perform all the tasks at the time you’ve set. Even created by you will be performed once the time met the criteria. Windows task scheduler is really very useful as once you’ve scheduled the tasks, those will be automatically performed and you’ll not forget about those tasks. Windows OS will remember all the criteria and time under which you want to perform the tasks. When you create a task, it’s stored in a task folder.

When you’re creating a new task in Windows task scheduler, you need to set the Trigger: a time-based trigger so that Windows can start the task in exact time. Then you’ll have to define the Actions: the work which will be performed by the Windows OS. You can even set Principals: means you can define whether a specific user or user group that can run the task.

Windows OS has many inbuilt features that most of the users don’t know about. One of the most advanced and powerful features in Windows is Windows task scheduler. In this article, we’ll show you how to use this inbuilt task scheduler properly to let Windows do work for you automatically.

This feature in Windows OS is mainly used by the Windows OS itself or by the 3rd party applications. like if an antivirus wants to run a scan in the scheduled way, it can automatically create tasks in Windows task scheduler. If you open your task scheduler, you’ll get many 3rd party tasks which are scheduled there. Most of the applications created a task which runs every single day to check update for their products. So, task scheduler in Windows is really helpful to 3rd party application/software makers. But, users can also use this tool and start creating scheduled tasks. There are two types of tasks, Simple Task and Advanced Task.

Why You Need Windows Task Scheduler

  • By scheduling tasks you can keep working on another task and the task you scheduled will be automatically performed.
  • If you need to hang out with friends but also need to perform any task on PC, this will be very helpful for you.
  • Using this feature you can start a task at the exact time.
  • Repeat your tasks on daily basis.

Steps To Schedule A Task in Task Scheduler

  1. First of all, go to “Control Panel>Administrative Tools”. You will now find a list of tools that are available in With Windows PC.
  2. Search for “Schedule Tasks” and open it. This is the tool from Microsoft which provides you the facility to schedule your tasks.Windows task scheduler
  3. Now, Task Scheduler will appear. Now, expand the Task Scheduler library and know how many tasks have been scheduled by 3rd party applications etc. To create your own task, click on Create Basic Task or Create Task option.
    Basic Task: Just trigger a program or script.
    Create Task: Control your task with advanced to schedule task in Windows using task scheduler
  4. After clicking on Create Task, new windows will appear and there you can set all the properties related to your task. There are many options there and some settings to control your task.
  5. General: Select the user, location and can give name and description to your task.
    Trigger: Here you can set triggers for your task.Click on Add and set the properties like “Starting Date and Time, Dates on which your scheduled things will be repeated and so on”.task scheduler in Windows
  • Actions: You can start a program, or can browse a script which will be automatically started.
  • Conditions: Create conditions for your task and if any condition is not true, the task will not happen.
  • Settings: In this setting area you can set some advanced settings your scheduled task.
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Scheduling tasks in Windows PC are very easy using Windows task scheduler. There is no advance knowledge required for using this tool. The interface of this tool is very familiar and you can set many conditions for the task. You can set the date and time for the task, conditions like battery and power etc. Define which program/script to launch. Using this tool 2-3 times will improve your knowledge about the Task Scheduler and you can further run scheduled tasks more efficiently.

We hope that you now know all about Windows task scheduler. but, if you’re having the problem in scheduling the task, comment down below and we’ll try to help you.

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